Buy Crackdown for its great game, not the Halo 3 invite, says dev

In a soon-to-be-published interview with CVG, Crackdown senior designer Stephen Iannetta says that after playing the demo he thinks gamers will "buy Crackdown on the basis of Crackdown" and not just for an invite to the Halo 3 multiplayer beta.

"Prior to the demo coming out there were a lot of people saying 'wait a minute, this is just a way to sell Crackdown'," he says, "and I think the more they played the demo the more they realised 'no wait, this is a great game'".

The multiplayer beta invites are due to ship with all initial copies of Crackdown, one of three methods to gain access when it launches this spring.

"I think it's really clever marketing by Microsoft", Iannetta continues. "I think the people that have played the demo and seen the game will actually realise it's a selling point for Crackdown and it's not used to get more copies out of it."

Iannetta also told CVG that he thinks that the two games are "complementary products" and that "people who enjoy playing Halo will enjoy playing Crackdown".

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PS360PCROCKS4896d ago

Totally agreed. I felt that way at first and felt kind of shafted, but the more I play the demo, and believe me I do alot lately, the more I see it. It's a very smart marketing move for Microsoft, they packaged the demo with another teen based demographic game and if you love Halo, well you'll most likely love Crackdown. Cool game.

DC RID3R4896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

any game that incorporates picking up a guy, throwing him 15ft in the air and then hitting him with a RPG is SICK :]

Thammer1- hit me up when your on this homie, we gots some streets to clean up brah!! heehehe

rocket propelled grenade

Sphinx4896d ago

...way before the demo or the Halo 3 invite. I always thought it looked and sounded like a good, fun game. I'm just glad the game seems to be delivering on the promises it made over a year ago.

KS19854896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

This sounds like the exact same thing that has happened, with the first Zone of the Enders for the PS2.

It was because of the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, and my hunch is that this will happen to Crackdown.

TheMART4896d ago

If you'd ask me, it doesn't really matter.

The game is sold for the game, or it's sold for Halo Beta. People will play the game either way and it makes another game sold.

It's just a choice from the person that buys it and his reason why. Is that a problem? Nope. If Crackdown was a really bad game, it would be a crazy combination. But the game is good, real good. Just depends if you like those kind of games but well, that's with all right

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The story is too old to be commented.