China’s NetEase in Talks to Hire Creator of Sega Yakuza Series

NetEase Inc. is in final negotiations to poach Yakuza franchise creator Toshihiro Nagoshi from Sega, a sign of how Chinese games companies are expanding beyond their home turf during a government-led crackdown.

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Viking_mo53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Jesus by reading the article, Tencent has almost bought a Japanese studio as well as NetEase poaching this guy. And they arent planning to stop in Japan

jbrock1153d ago

Sucks if true but the series will be good in hands. They've managed to cultivate some great talent over there at Ryu Ga Gotoku between Masayoshi Yokoyama, Kazuki Hosokawa, Jun Orihara and Hidenori Shoji. Kind of reminds me of what Square had back in the day with Sakaguchi, Kitase, Nojima, Nomura and Uematsu.

53d ago
KingofBandits53d ago

F**ck! this better not happen, it would be a disaster for Sega and Toshihiro. You can't go working for commie controlled companies (all money flows to an from the CCP if your a Chinese company) and it will just ruin his creative flare as they inevitably make lame bootlegs of the Yakuza series and characters.