GameStop... More Like GameDon't.

SeeDsTOHR shares his three latest shopping experiences with GameStop. He published and email he sent to GameStop Customer Care, describing the horrendous customer care he has received not only at the retailers game stores but at their movie stores MovieStop. If you have shopped at a GameStop owned establishments you can definitely relate to his experiences.

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smturner683598d ago

Gamestop might take the guy seriously if he knew how to spell 'convenience'...unless he really meant that he bought from them out of 'convince.'

I understand that they rubbed him the wrong way, but he said that the Moviestop store guy just asked if, and why he didn't pre-order. Yet, he acts like they think he's less of a person.
If someone asked if I pre-ordered and I didn't, then they asked me why not, I'd just say, "is that any of your business?" or "why should I come to the store twice to buy a movie? Jesus!" That would probably suffice.

zenintude3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Agreed... this letter is full of spelling and grammatical mistakes. No one will take this seriously, and his examples are far from terrible.

I have much worse stories of my dealings with them, such as a clerk (who was possibly the manager) getting verbally aggressive with me when I refused to buy a gutted game that I was purchasing as a gift, then having the guide for the game ripped up and thrown at me when it rang up for a penny. Yes, that seriously happened to me... at the Town & Country store in Miami (Kendall), Florida.

The Matrix3598d ago

I was there the other day and this guy wanted a new copy of a video game (the only one they had was a "new" copy that had been used for display.) I'll never forget what the gamestop employee said, "I can shrink wrap it for you if you want it sealed." YES gamestop shrinkwraps not new games and YES you have probably bought a game that has already been opened, used and then repackaged and sold as "new." I'll most likely never shop there again except.

JsonHenry3597d ago

When I lived in a large city I avoided Gamestop like the plague due to the power tripping dorks behind the counter working there were so hard to deal with.

but now I live in a much smaller town and a gamestop was recently put in a strip mall. I went in and there was not a single gaming dork in sight. The people there seem human and do not try to talk to me about Star Wars or comic books. I will continue to shop there until they hire the geeks.

shovelbum3597d ago

I rarely go in there anymore but I have noticed that they tend to push 360 more often. We have three local stores and one is excellent but the other two should be vacated. I have heard them blatantly lie and mislead "non-gamers" and I tend to interject and that really pisses them off but in a fun way for me. I understand it's a business but many of the employees are a$$es and I'm not one to stand around and let some poor grandma get ripped off either.

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shutupandplay3598d ago

Most gamestop employees are 360 fanboys for some reason. All kinds of promotions/advertisements for 360 related stuff...and at most, a small poster in the corner of the window for anything ps3.

ElementX3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I have to disagree. There was large cardboard stand up ad for LBP at my Gamestop (downtown minneapolis), it might even still be there. I haven't been there for a while, I have too many games already. Also, as you enter the store, the wall across from the entrance is PS2 and PS3 section. As soon as you enter, you see Sony products. 360 is to the left, you don't see it right away. You can't say all the small ads are for PS3. Gamestop gets promotional material from who-knows-where, probably the publishers.

Mozilla893598d ago

Fortunately, I haven't had a harassing experience there before. The worst that happened was when I asked if they had a discounted copy of FIFA 09 the guy asked if I was talking about the 360 version 1st. Which is natural to assume with there being more people with it.

I am mad about trading in old games though, they rip you off soooo bad with those. I'd rather keep my games than give them back for a few dollars so they can sell them for $40.

jcfilth3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I don't know where you live but just in case you come to Brooklyn New York some day, stop by the GameStop in Fulton Street, everything ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in the windows are Xbox related ads, Bundles and all that stuff.

This is what happened to me in that store, the day I went to pick up my copy of Resistance 2, there were two guys in line in front of me, both went to get R2. Next to us out of the line was a guy talking to the one in the register I think they were friends or something according to the way both were talking to each other, and this is what he said to the one getting R2: "yo, you sure you wanna get dat game? I saw a video of it and it was kind of weird, it ain't dat good man" lol

It doesn't stop there, here's what the one in the register said to me right after he game the bag with my game: "umm, I don't wanna get your hopes down or anything, it's more like a heads up but...the fire and water effects in the game are horrible, the game is something like HAZE" :o lol all I said was YEAH OK THANKS MAN. If he knew that I was in the beta, he would've never told me that. That's just me, my wife had other problems with the same store the day she went to pick up COD:WAW, and if you are going to reserve a game they go like "for 360 right?" lol not like other stores that ask you what system.

If that's not enough, stop by the GameStop at 82nd Street between Roosevelt Ave and 37 Ave in Jackson Heights Queens. Next go to the one at the Queens Mall. Good luck and have fun!! :D

Seraphim3598d ago

probably because Gamestop takes in a billion but their employees only make 2ok a year and can't afford anything more than a 360. :P

seriously though. I don't have a gamestop/ebgames close to where I live so I shop online or at Wally World/Shopko. From the rare occasions I stop in one where one's present I find that it's pretty split between PS3 or 360 fanboys. Seems that, for the most part, the entire store is one or the other though. It's as if a prerequisite for getting a job at that particular location is being a fanboy of one or the other depending on the hiring managers preferences... Either way that's not the type of conduct you want in your business. often I've stopped by one out of town expecting to buy something only to have the *hole/s working working send me right out the door. On rare occasion I've actually had some great conversations with employees who are pure gamers (no biases)... But more often than not you seem to encounter this kind of behavior and it's simply unacceptable for any business, employee, and consumers should not put up with it.....

cryymoar3598d ago

The other day, I calculated that Gamestop makes $12,000 a week (if they only made a 30% profit, which is probably more) and pays their employees a total of ~$1,000 for that week per store.

LeonSKennedy4Life3598d ago

Gamestop employees don't control the marketing. Corporate sends them the posters and tells them exactly how to put it up. Even a 360-loving manager wouldn't have the ballz to disobey corporate. They'll fire you for ANYTHING...and I mean ANYTHING!

Most Gamestop employees are jerks who have been gaming for a maximum of 4 years. They're usually arrogant about things they've only dabbled in, like PC gaming. That's why it's always fun to show them up...but only when they antagonize you first. Otherwise, you just come off as pretentious.

I should know...I work there. Most of my co-workers are rude to the 40-year old parents coming in there looking for awesome holiday gifts for their kids...sometimes even insulting the purchases they've already made. I try to butt in every chance I get...but sometimes, it's not enough. I hate pricks.

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DiabloRising3598d ago

ANY time I hear "Power to the Players" I cringe. Not only because it's not true, but its the anti-truth... More like "Watch Us Rape Unassuming Wallets As Our Profits Soar, Gamer's Don't Know Jack Sh1t."

FantasyStar3598d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Sarcasm3598d ago

"Watch Us Rape Unassuming Wallets As Our Profits Soar, Gamer's Don't Know Jack Sh1t."

Don't forget

"You're not a man if you don't have a 360, Play Halo 3 and pre-order Gears of war 2!!!"

ViceKingz3598d ago

if what he claimed in the email actually happened, thats pretty bad customer service.

i dont have gamestops from where im from, just EB which i think is kinda the same

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