Top 10 Saddest Video Games

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Sometimes we all need a good cry. And while a good book or touching movie can do the trick, there’s plenty of video games with emotional narratives and motifs out there that can help work through some complicated emotions or just experience a sad story."

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piroh50d ago

Top 10 saddest videogames without Final Fantasy X or MGS 3???

Fist4achin48d ago

I wasn't crying at the end of FFX. Something just got into my eye is all.

roadkillers47d ago

The end? Who cares about the end! Tidus was a baby. What about Jehct, my favorite one arm wielding spirit :'(

BrockEmSockEm48d ago

I wish I could play Valiant Hearts for the first time again.

HeliosHex48d ago

How is metal gear solid 3 snake eater not on this list? I was sad for days with that ending.

potedude48d ago

Edith Finch is a very sad game. Well worth a playthrough though.