Glenn Entis Talks Next Generation Evolution

Glenn Entis earned an Academy Award in the film world in 1988 for the work he did in creating the animation system at PDI, the computer-generated animation house that created Shrek and Madagascar. In 1994, Entis left Hollywood for the videogame industry, taking up residence in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he currently serves as Chief Visual and Technology Officer at Electronic Arts.Entis has spearheaded the publisher's foray into next generation consoles like PLAYSTATION3, sharing the knowledge he's acquired over the past 30 years in computer graphics with EA's internal and external development teams around the globe.

Entis is one of a growing number of Hollywood professionals who have made the leap over to the interactive realm. When he left PDI for EA, he wasn't looking to leave the computer graphics field, he was simply looking for a new challenge and new creative opportunities. Videogames have provided him with that, and the PS3 has created the first bridge between videogames and Hollywood.

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