Buy 80GB PS3, Get Dark Knight Blu-ray, Resistance 2 CE Free Today Only

"Online retailer has put together a bundle that packages together an 80GB Playstation 3 console, The Dark Knight on Blu-ray Disc and the Collector's Edition of Resistance 2 for PS3.

Together these three items, at Amazon's current pricing including a discount on Resistance 2 to $59.96 from $79.99, would come out to $483.94.

The beauty of this deal is Amazon is knocking $83.95 off the bundle so you are getting the console, the movie and the game for $399.99."

Today only.

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lento3601d ago

wow if u dont have a ps3... get it today.. or get another one lol

SullyDrake3601d ago

So buy a PS3, get the best movie of the year AND the best FPS of the year? Just awesome :D

... Too bad 360 has neither, you green boys may want to quit waiting for your 7th refurbished 360 and go take advantage of this sweet deal.

Storm233601d ago

Amazing deal with two great items.

ThatCanadianGuy3601d ago

I would totally buy that !!! ..But i need winter tires more then anything right now :(

cactuschef3601d ago

When i got my ps3 i only got a crappy spiderman 3 bluray, and 40gb less...