Kikizo: Killzone 2 single-player hands-on

Guerrilla has first-person shooting stardom in its sights, but is there enough ammo in the clip? Kikizo hangs tough with a new single-player build of the upcoming Killzone 2, comparing it with Gears of War. The article includes the latest screenshots.

Here's the final thought:

"Any enduring concerns that lightning would strike twice on the Killzone franchise can be tidied away under the carpet: the question now is not whether the game will fail as its PS2 predecessor did, but whether it will be the classic we're all hoping for. Kikizo's first few hours of Helghan hospitality suggest Guerrilla has a shot at the prize."

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Kleptic3598d ago

good write up...but to be technical...all lightning 'strikes' from the ground towards the cloud...

dirigiblebill3598d ago

Drat, that's the intro ruined then :)

Kleptic3598d ago

well the arc gun still looks doubt about that...

SAiOSiN3598d ago

im still kinda baffled by 1up's preview...

Bon Scott3597d ago

it will be trash just like Haze and Lair.
Sony lays off 16000 employees,
XPlay names 360s Fable 2 GOTY!


Shadow Man3597d ago

Who is that in your picture?

gta28003597d ago

I'm not gonna read this. I stopped reading Killzone 2 previews and news a few weeks ago. I can't take it. I want this game already! and I don't any more to be spoiled than what I already know about the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.