Home - New screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainment published a batch of new Home screenshots. Check them out.

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pupu3599d ago

Home to be a gigantic flop FACT!

dragonslayer913598d ago

Have you ever heard of a hacked PS3 game? You own L4D? That is some funny stuff! It's like WindowsXP on a 360. Pirated games, hacked games, scratched games,etc.HAAAAH...could it get any worse? Stupid, childish looking Avatars, RROD and now this? YOU guys are taking it up the bootyhole and Major Nelson is sticking it to you royally. You guys keep paying for XBL and everything and still have to put up with Holiday server outages and whatnot and now this type of crap? Merry Xmas dumbasses. Merry Xmas!!! Good luck with that BADLUCKBOX360!!! :)

TheHater3599d ago

i spotted that also. I can't wait to see what in that space

Fishy Fingers3599d ago

Notice the dudes speach bubble in the centre, "if anyone has any questions, fire away", Dev?

Doppy3598d ago

We'll here's some more news to cheer people who want a PS3 up.

According to Amazon is offering a 1 day deal I think ends tonight where if you add a 80GB PS3, Resistance 2 Collector Edition, and the Dark Knight Blu Ray in your cart and enter the code PSKNIGHT then you will get the R2 CE and The Dark Knight Blu ray for free.

Happy holidays.

Hercules3599d ago

these are see the ps3/psp spaces? cant wait

freeman293598d ago

I want to go HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.