Elden Ring Does Not Need An "Easy" Difficulty

Since the announcement of the game, players have been demanding an "Easy Mode" from FromSoftware in Elden Ring, but does it really need one?

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CaptainHenry91651d ago

"Bottom-line is; if you find Soulsborne games tough, they might not be for you."

If it's to hard for you then don't buy it.

ecchiless50d ago

bottom line should be, "not all games are for you"

Christopher50d ago

Unless it's a Saints Row Reboot, then they shouldn't have done what they did. /s

LordoftheCritics49d ago

The bottom line is also knows as net income.

I'm sure they do care about that as well.

UltraNova49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Imagine a world where physics, math, biology, chemistry etc were dumbed down for the sake of inclusivity/accessibility... Point is some things need not changing just to appease everyone, same goes for our pass time activities like video games.

Christopher48d ago

***Imagine a world where physics, math, biology, chemistry etc were dumbed down for the sake of inclusivity/accessibility.***

You do realize this is exactly how these things are taught? First you learn numbers, then addition and subtraction once you've got that, then division and multiplication, and so on and so on. It is literally dumbed down for your level of understanding as it is taught to you.

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ikarodemon50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

The bottom-line is not that. The bottom-line is that was a developer decision and they chose to go with a especific public and suceed with his decision. End of topic. This was a estrategic product decision nothing else. People have the right to want a more easy game this is free speech, but in the end is not his decision.

CrimsonWing6950d ago

Haha, exactly! We live in a society that is ridiculously selfish now. If it’s not all inclusive it gets attacked. People can’t simply grasp the idea of “not for you” or “don’t buy it” anymore.

Nakiro50d ago

Oh the irony in this post is astounding.

LordoftheCritics49d ago

You might need to read what you wrote.

NeoGamer23250d ago

Further it is completely up to the developers who are making the art. They are choosing to target an audience. Although I don't agree with their decision, it is their choice.

All this means is that certain people won't buy the game.

LordoftheCritics49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


It clearly is not for everyone. Just like shooters are not for everyone or mmos for everyone.

You dont have 200 million ppl playing World of Warcraft.

Let ppl make their games. The right audience will find it. If it meets the devs/publishers expectations then they found a reason to keep doing what theyre doing. If it bombs, they will adjust. Simple/

I thought Dark Souls was like Dragon Age so I bought it on launch and then very soon after gave it to a friend.
I don't even look at these games when they release. That does not mean that they have to now bend their design to become Dragon Age or Skyrim. Same way I wouldnt want anyone to screw with my Skyrims or Fallouts.

I don't want Starfield to become a souls game. Pretty simple really.

Snakeeater2550d ago

Bottom line is : souls borne games will never sell 20 millions of copies. That’s type of game will alwais be niche

SpineSaw50d ago


No one has a problem with that.

UltraNova49d ago

This isn't 2010. Soulsborne games are established and found their followers in their millions.

From Software would be wise not to mess with their formula.

Snakeeater2548d ago


Am pretty sure formsoftware as a problem with that if the game will sell for just 1 million

UnSelf50d ago

Here’s what the devs should do:

Implement an easy mode that is so easy, all of the enemies just stand there and don’t move. One attack kills them. Bosses too. This will insult the gamer so badly he would be more frustrated from this mode than from the normal difficulty

ecchiless49d ago

nah, the easy mode should be like this: press any button to start the game.... then you got the end credits.... done the game is finished.

spwittbold49d ago

That's the plan! Souls Games suck anyway lol.

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XiNatsuDragnel51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

If you can't handle soul, soul-like, rogue-like, classic, or unintuitive game from 70s to early 10s they aren't for you and if you want them to be for you change your mindset and enjoy them for what they are.

Omegasyde50d ago

Not gonna lie. Loved blood borne, played the heck out of demon souls and dark souls on ps3.

Played dark souls 2 remastered on ps5, and was 2 minutes from breaking controller. I got soft.

50d ago
toxic-inferno50d ago

Oh-oh... I too loved Bloodborne, played the heck out of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

I was going to start Dark Souls 2 on my PS5 later this week, but I'm now scared for the lives of my DualSense controllers...

SenorFartCushion50d ago

Soft? It’s not a monumental achievement being able to finish a game like Dark Souls 😂 I finished Sekiro in a few days, do I need my parents to put the trophy picture on their fridge over at their house now or something?

Fluttershy7749d ago

Dark Souls 2 wasn't difficult... I heard that idea before, DkS 2 being punishing and cheap and really difficult and that's why people hate it. No. It was bad, I mean better than most games these days but really bad when you compare it with Demon Souls and Dark Souls.

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frostypants50d ago

Exactly. It's no different than whining at an artist for not making the art one prefers. In's EXACTLY that if one agrees that games are art.

Atom66650d ago

Poorly written clickbait.

SinisterMister50d ago

Well, that would be taking the fun out of it lol

WillyC00950d ago

Every time a fromsoftware game comes around, there’s a minority of the gaming populace that wants difficulty settings put in the game. I hope they never cave and keep their vision no matter what the vocal minority cry about.

Some games are difficult. If you’re not ok with that, don’t play them. That simple.

Omegasyde50d ago

I believe there should be an easy mode, but at the same time if you want to 100% the trophies and achievements you should play on normal or higher.

XiNatsuDragnel50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

That's not case because it just ruins dark souls maybe some product should be for you,

TorpeAlex50d ago

Do other games like Doom, Call of Duty, etc having difficulty selectors affect people who play on hard? Do games having colorblind sliders affect people without color blindness?
This is a stupid argument and always has been. Accessibility should not be a matter of opinion. If you think making something more accessible to people who can’t otherwise play the game is a bad thing, re-evaluate your perspective.

Darkborn50d ago

It's meant to be a game that you feel true achievement when you finally conquer a difficult encounter or boss. You don't get that if you just make the game where you run through it with super high health and you one shot everything at like level 5. It's not the way the game is meant to be played. You are supposed to die again and again and again. And when you think you got gud, you die again and keep doing that until you finally succeed. It's an amazing feeling and I've played them all since the original demons souls at launch. Easy difficulty it does not need.

SpineSaw50d ago

Does Doom, Call of Duty, Halo have accessibility sliders for their multiplayer matches so those that struggle getting their KD to 2.0 can easily do so?
No one is against having sliders for blind people.

Nakiro50d ago

Nobody is talking about multiplayer. He is clearly talking about single portion of the game considering he mentions difficulty. Easy mode is an accessibility issue for some people believe it or not.

SpineSaw50d ago


I'm more than aware what "he' was talking about. But if were going to talk about difficulty in gaming then we must talk about multiplayer gaming in FPS games. We have many, many gamers that avoid MP in FPS games because it just not accessible to those with needs to get those kills so lets solve all difficult games at once. We should start with multiplayer matches in Halo Infinite. Maybe as an idea Microsoft could have at the first 2min of each match with those gamers with a .75 KD or higher start the game frozen and those that have less than a .75 KD not frozen and they can up their KD with easy kills. Those that are really good will in no way be hurt by this and those that avoid multiplayer matches because their needs are not met will have a KD inline with everyone else and this games multiplayer mode becomes more accessible to their needs and most definitely Microsoft should be the one to take the lead on this with the upcoming Halo Infinite release after all its Microsoft that's all about accessibility in gaming, right?

WillyC00950d ago

How is it a stupid argument. If a developer does not want an easy mode they don’t have to put it in. If you can’t beat said game, that’s to bad and maybe it wasn’t a game meant for you?

I can never understand this portion of the gaming community. Back in the NES days there were no difficulty settings. Just one and if you couldn’t beat it, to bad. If anyone needs to reevaluate their perspective, I believe that’s you.

neutralgamer199250d ago


Play in hard and get that experience while another game could play on casual or story and enjoy other aspects of the game. What is great is so many developers are now giving more accessibility options. I don't think me playing a single player Souls like game on story mode affects your experience playing on default difficulty

In single player games that argument is nonsense simply because my experience in no way affects yours

oldenjon49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Congratulations on the 1000000th post conflating accessibility with difficulty.

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