Elden Ring might be FromSoftware’s Breath of the Wild | Polygon

The developer’s vast new open-world game offers new levels of player choice.

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TheHan57d ago

Not every action/rpg from Fromsoftware needs to be a dark souls clone.

oldenjon57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

If you're a fan of Dark Souls, this is a non-issue. Actually, frequent formulaic releases are one of the perks, or was until now.

porkChop57d ago

This is basically what I've wanted. I get it, the Souls games were successful. People love them. But From are very talented and aren't some one trick pony. They shouldn't stick to one style of game.

UltraNova57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Who said they were? If you followed them and played their games you would see that they have been evolving their formula and even tried new stuff in multiple occasions:
-Dark souls was Demon's Souls refined to excellence
-We saw a paradigm shift in Bloodborne (faster more aggressive combat/mechanics)
- In Sekiro we saw a significant shift yet again with even faster combat and movement mechanics while parrying was no longer optional.
And now they move to a full open world design, with mounts and even more player choise.

Isn't that a studio who likes to evolve and refine their art? Why would they try a different gerne entirely when they have created and perfected their own, which is revered by their fanbase? Or do they need to make an GaaS space fps with buff soldiers fighting invading ancient aliens races too?

porkChop56d ago

"Or do they need to make an GaaS space fps with buff soldiers fighting invading ancient aliens races too?"

Literally no one said that. But sure, gotta find a way to bring up Xbox/Halo for some reason.

And I never said that they didn't evolve the formula. Way to miss the point. They've been iterating on Demon's Souls for 12 years. I just want to see them try something a bit different, to shake things up.

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Pyrofire9557d ago

Not every open world needs to be called a Breath of the Wild.

thorstein57d ago

Agreed. The headline doesn't make sense. Are they trying to say it's From Software's masterpiece? If so, they already create masterpieces. Are they saying it's their first open world game? They've already made those.
"New levels of players choice" ???? Breath of Wild had player choice?

It's as if the author never heard of From Software.

Terry_B57d ago

Basically, almost all games of them are Kings Field clones. Just using third person views instead of first person.

NeoGamer23257d ago

LOL. They don't even mention Breath of the WIld in the actual article.

LOL. Oh its Polygon. "King of stupid gaming articles and titles"... Everything is explained. The only gaming journalism that is just as bad as Polygon is Forbes.

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oldenjon57d ago

BOTW in what sense? Bigger than Skyrim? No way. Disposable weapons? Not a chance. Bland story and combat? lol. Miyazaki said the meaning of 'open world' is open to interpretation. Knowing what we know about FROM, why someone would choose BOTW as a point of reference is lost on me.

--Onilink--57d ago

It should not be that hard to figure out the comparison unless you are going out of your way to play dense to complain about BOTW stuff (not to mention just reading the article should be enough)

Its a game that is breaking conventions of older titles when moving to an open world, while at the same time making its own changes to the open world formula

oldenjon57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I see your point but can't say I agree. Everyone is calling it the 'BOTW of Dark Souls'. It reads like clickbait and serves to set expectations for something Elden Ring most likely isn't.

Teflon0257d ago

Because it's a popular name to use and will grab clicks lol.
Like how they called Sonic Transformed a MK7 copy when it's gameplay was announced a month after MK7s and it was actually similar to Diddy Kong Racing and not MK7. But then no one wanted to call MK8 out on straight copying Crash Nitro Kart. People play CNK after and be like damn, ohh what!?

It's sad they don't use good comparisons anymore and default to the popular choice

AmUnRa57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

You dont understand, this is Polygon, one of the sites with the most clickbate headlines....
And according to the comments here and other gamingsites its working.

Yi-Long57d ago

I just hope they can be bothered to include the original Japanese voices in the Western releases this time, but probably not.

camel_toad57d ago

I didn't realize Elden Ring was set in Japan. Thought it was just made in Japan.

Yi-Long57d ago

Assassin’s Creed Origins & Odyssey were set in Egypt and Greece; So you’re saying those games shouldn’t have had English voice-acting?

LoveSpuds57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

To be honest, something I think a lot of Soulsborne fans love is the English voice work in the FromSoftware titles.

I don't think I have ever heard any serious complaints about their games not having Japanese voice work. When appropriate such as in Sekiro, Japanese was the default but all their other games have that medieval European fantasy setting, why would the characters speak Japanese in those titles?

Aloymetal57d ago

Hopefully fromsoft took notes from Bluepoint and
Add moving lips/mouth of npc’s. It’s 2021 ffs

CantThinkOfAUsername57d ago

Ah, I see you are not into telepathy.

Eamon57d ago

Haha, yeh that was always a weird one.

I think it's because in Souls games, most NPCs have helmets on so they couldn't be bothered to animate the lips of NPCs without helments. Though in Bloodborne, most NPCs did not wear helmets...

frostypants57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I always felt the motionless lips in the Soulsborne games only served to make them more unsettling, so it kinda worked (by accident).

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