Sony: Home This Month, But Open Beta Comes First

Kotaku Writes: "Home will indeed hit a 2008 launch, it's most recent launch date, but only after going through an open beta, Home director Jack Buser told me (Kotaku) in a recent interview."

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jamesrocks31473598d ago

Those items, Buser said, could be anything from branded clothing or objects to scripted or interactive items, like a mini game.

"Right you you can see some of that, but when we go into open beta there will be a heck of a lot more there," he said.

am in the closed beta and theres hardly any content but this is good to know GOOD JOB SONY!!!!!!!!!! keep it up

GVON3598d ago

same,they do need to add more stuff

Danja3598d ago

hmm well bring on the open Beta already Sony...

so we can finally get a HOME release date..^.^

gamfreak3598d ago

wow i can't wait, pls announced a release date already....

JD_Shadow3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I don't think there's anything else that can be done to it other than adding the trophy room to start out. Just some ironing out of wrinkles here and there, but nothing that demands a delay at this point. It's good to go from my standpoint.

@plstcsldgr below: Beta is something that is expected to have some errors. The finished 1.0 product is one that isn't expected to have that many errors when compared to ANY beta. I hope that cleared that up for you. By your logic, all games that have an update should still be beta (not trying to offend you, just saying it's flawed in that manner).

shadowghost7523597d ago

Next Wednesday? try tomorrow

plstcsldgr3598d ago

Open beta is full release they have been telling us home will never be out of a beta form for a year now. it will be like Google's Gmail always in beta and constantly changing.

gamfreak3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

constant changing is to make sure the final product is up to the expectation of the consumer. And i believe SONY will show us a better and stable HOME when it released.

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