The Last of Us 2 Fan Points Out Amazing JJ Detail

One of the many strengths of The Last of Us 2 is Naughty Dog’s attention to detail, something that manages to extend to JJ’s brief appearance.

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bondsmx59d ago

ND always kills it with details.

medman59d ago

I never got tired of the unlocking doors animation....just such clever little touches and polish ND puts into their games. Brilliant.

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arkard58d ago

Your jealousy is pathetic

repsahj59d ago

...damn i did'nt notice that. I already reinstalled the game hahaha.

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VerminSC59d ago

I also read about a detail where if you kill “Bear” the the dog as Ellie it won’t show up later for Abby to say Hi to it.

Also if Abby has her gun out when she first meets Joel instead of him saying “you have a gun?” He says “you know how to use that thing?”

kimbomma159d ago

If you are talking about when Abby says hi to Bear at the hospital just before she goes into the Rat King boss then Bear should still be there. That scene happens prior to Ellie arriving at the hospital which is why everyonw is still around.

VerminSC58d ago

I can’t remember the details tbh, it was posted on Reddit awhile back and it blew
my mind lol

59d ago
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