Netflix Streaming Battlemodo: TiVo vs. Xbox 360

Now that Netflix's Watch Instantly is on both TiVo and Microsoft's Xbox 360, the natural question for you, Señor and Señorita tech enthusiast, is which one of these two should YOU use to watch Netflix on. The answer, surprisingly, is whichever one you want.

Here's how they both compared in video quality, navigation (getting around inside a movie), and general UI experience (queueing up movies to watch).

• Video Quality: Tie.
• Navigation: TiVo.
• General UI: Tie.

What these ratings mean for you is that you're fine watching Netflix on whichever device you currently have, and shouldn't feel the need to go out and buy the other one. If you've got TiVo and Xbox 360, we'd prefer TiVo's implementation because of the fast forwarding and rewinding feature.

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