First-party PS3 games slashed to half price

Online retailer has knocked a whopping 50% off this Christmas' range of first-party PS3 titles, reducing them to just £19.99 each.

LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2 and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift have all been subject to the drastic price drops, and are now all available for the sub-£20 price.

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Nineball21125172d ago

That's great news for gamers looking to get some fantastic titles!

The gaming GOD5172d ago

Why is it they wait until AFTER I already have the games to cut the prices like that? lol

I swear I have no luck

Bebedora5172d ago

You've got a nice emoticon for what you just said

Aquanox5172d ago

Interesting. Sony is not in the position to slash the hardware price but they could have a chance from the software side.

I'm impressed by the way, about how slow is Resistance 2 selling, unless VgChartz is getting its numbers dramatically wrong.

Danja5172d ago

thats great news , hopefully more ppl will buy these games , they're more than worth the price...

FantasyStar5172d ago

GODDAMNIT! I already bought those games at the retail value!!!

Ah well.....*hugs level 30 Medic*

heyheyhey5172d ago

"unless VgChartz is getting its numbers dramatically wrong."

nah, you think buddy?

VGchartz can't be wrong can they? check again.... im sure there's an error, VGchartz are NEVER drastically wrong.... NEVER I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

....bah, im disappointed- i thought you were one of the more cognitive one's.... guess i was wrong


ravinash5172d ago

Very cleaver marketing.
I didn't know about and I've already got all the games their promoting....but they have made it onto my Favorites list.

anh_duong5172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

shopto are doing what retailers call unbundling. manufacturers offer them a bundle. in this case it is a ps3 with motorstorm, lbp and r2 for a discount. shopto then separates the items and sells them individually for what it thinks will generate greater profits.

technically, sony doesn't like this but it can't really say no because shopto are buying such a large number of bundles of sony.

many retailers are doing the same with the xbox 360 wireless controller plus lego indiana jones and kung fu panda bundle. they are stripping the bundles because they believe they can get more money selling the items separately.

don't think either sony or ms are 100% pleased with it but at least it generates decent revenue in both instances.

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PirateThom5172d ago

They have Prince of Persia for a decent price. Going to keep a close eye and hope it goes cheaper.

TheHater5172d ago

dude you might as well get it now before the price goes up back again

PirateThom5172d ago

I'm tempted, but in the past few weeks I've bought quite a few games... just grabbed Mirror's Edge for £25 yesterday as well...

Stupid Christmas getting in the way of game buying! :(

TheHater5172d ago

I borrowed this game from my friend because I spend about $250 on games in the last month and a half. I had to skip several games I wanted because of Xmas

pupu5172d ago

Gears of War 2 CONFIRMED GoTY 2008 FACT!

robert02675172d ago

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Skater5172d ago

I still can't find Resistance 2 for under $60!

ezcex5172d ago

where is the 19.99 for the U.S.

Spike475172d ago

why not take off $10 off of LBP? I'm overwhelmed with the amount of PS3 games.

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