The 12 Most Expensive PS2 Games You Can Find Today

The PS2 may be dead, but the games' library is still brimming with life. Some games are ridiculously expensive that they may cost you a fortune.

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The_Sage62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I have 3 of them that are on the list.

Kuon, Haunting Grounds, and Obscure. I might also have Rule of Rose, but I would have to look.

Vengeance113862d ago

I have Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose (disc only), Obscure and God Hand.

Magog62d ago

I have a mint copy of Rule of Rose. I should sell it but I'm lazy.

Imortus_san61d ago

Soo many bad games, i own 4 of those.

HankHill61d ago

All of the Silent Hill games on PS2 are really expensive. I wish I would've bought them before they skyrocketed in price.

Knightofelemia61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Xbox would be the next choice for the SH games even though you're missing SH 3, Origins and Shattered Memories. I found the SH games were a little cheaper on the Xbox I event picked up SH 4 for Xbox and it was cheaper then its PS2 cousin. I enjoyed SH 2 on Xbox and it only cost me $10 people may also hate HD collection but I will gladly pay $30 for SH3 on PS3 and put up with a few bugs then paying the price SH 3 fetches on PS2. I had fun getting the platinum for SH 3 on PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.