Saints Row Reboot Gets A 7-Minute Trailer Showing Off Its New City and Features

Deep Silver and Volition have released a brand new trailer today for the upcoming Saints Row reboot and it's a biggie.

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PS-Gamer-1986144d ago

Looks great overall, but i don't like the main characters. Hope i'm able to ignore them enough so it won't hurt my experience too much

moriarty1889144d ago

agreed. not crazy about the cast either.

LordoftheCritics144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Looks like as if the characters of Fast and the Furious made the game.

LucasRuinedChildhood144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Agreed. They seem at least a bit more tolerable than in the CGI trailer but that's really not saying much.

If the game actually acknowledges that they're naive hipsters, and they grow a lot throughout the story as people are killed off and start to act more like a real gang, then it might work. We'll see but at least we can be confident now that the gameplay and customization will be good.


I felt the same way intially, but the characters don't seem that bad (I was especially concerned about the Black bowtie character being feminized, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all).

I just find it hard to accept that the reason the characters become criminals/murderers is simply to pay off their student loans. I'm sure there's more to the story that hasn't been revealed yet.

gamer7804144d ago

Or to pay their coffee tab at Starbucks before they go to school….

gamer7804144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Yikes awful, I would not guess the main characters would be straight out of a Starbucks in San Francisco…

Palitera144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

They went the ultra annoying character route from Watch Dogs 2 / Legion. Ugh! Story and characters WERE a big piece of Saints Row. Still might buy it for the other, possibly sufficient reasons, though.

But let's face it... If you are over 16yo, you're not their target audience anymore.

PS-Gamer-1986144d ago

"They went the ultra annoying character route from Watch Dogs 2 / Legion. "

This. That's the reason i still couldn't convince myself buying watch dogs 2. While i might be missing out on a good game at its core, the characters are so awful i could not imagine having a good time playing its story. Hope that is not the case with the new saints row when i see more videos in the future.

DeusFever144d ago

When they combine their powers, they form Captain Planet.

-Foxtrot144d ago

They should have just focused on the main character and introduced your crew one by one with marketing.

I hope they change their designs but I doubt it, if they do then I'd be more eager to check it out.

eXclurel143d ago

I am getting Watch Dogs 2 vibes from the characters. I didn't like them.

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-Hermit-144d ago

Everything about the Saints Row reboot has been cringe so far.

Ninver144d ago

Very cringe. I'm not surprised by how the game was designed looking at those tools. Bunch of hipsters and nerds

Christopher144d ago

This game is 100% a mafia-esque game for modern times. If you don't like the hipster look (aka what I see normally every day where I live), just don't design your boss that way. Gameplay looks good so far.

Eamon144d ago

Lol where do you live?

HankHill144d ago

In his own little world. Where would you see mobsters looking and acting like the people in the trailer? San Francisco?

Christopher144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

DC Metro Area.

***Where would you see mobsters looking and acting like the people in the trailer? ***

Nowhere. It's a fantasy game. Kind of like how we don't see anyone wielding plastic dildo weapons as gangsters either.

Eamon144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Fantasy game or mafia game?

I suppose a bit of both. But I think the point of the negative reaction is that most fans really disliked the look of that reveal trailer. Even the style of the older games weren't deliberately trying to mimic the time periods they were released in.

I think it boils down to the fact that SR fans just don't like hipster/fortnite character designs and politically-correct cringe humour.

Christopher143d ago

***Fantasy game or mafia game?***

Both. It's a fantasy world with unrealistic actions and exaggeration personalities. And it's mafia-esque in that you're building up a criminal empire from the ground up.

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-Foxtrot144d ago

Issue is, with past games they've always done a variety of trailers to show the in depth customization of the boss

Here it looks like they've chosen a default and are sticking with it, she's even on art cards for the collectors edition, why would you do that if your character can look like anyone.

dumahim143d ago

Eh, other games have done that as well, like Cyberpunk with the male version getting a statue for the CE.

But the presentation of this reboot is probably a bigger problem than the characters themselves, which is saying something. Like you said, they're making it out to be like you're stuck with this main character as-is, but at 7:15 in the video they talk about character customization, "You're making your character the way you want to" and shows multiple looks, including men. Wait, maybe we're not even playing as the boss?

Christopher143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

They did only show a bit of it, which was annoying. But male, female, fat, and skinny with some different clothing was shown for the part that they did show. It just lasted all of 2 seconds, if that. They definitely should have shown more of that, IMHO.

I do think they're trying to heavily advertise the female model they have, and people may not like that, but I know you can change it and I will as I'm not a fan of that style generally (I like a cyberpunk side cut, but not the short on top style). As for the others, looks like you're stuck with Younger Gus Fring Who Also Has A Bit Of Sheldon, Netflix Matthew McConaughey, and Better Looking Letty Ortiz.

Kaii144d ago

*Also shows very cringe-like characters.
Pretty meh so far


Although the initial CGI trailer revolted me, this gameplay trailer makes me feel a lot better about the game. I'll happily pre-order the Gold Edition if I can dress my female MC in a small tiger print bikini and a baseball cap.....

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