Volition Is Standing Strong Behind the Saints Row Reboot

Volition has been responding to fans on Twitter, keeping their faith in this new Saints Row reboot even though fans think it is a departure from the previous games.

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melons154d ago

I don't honestly think the game itself will be bad as the trailer, which...sheesh. What went wrong there? Same kind of tonally weird wank that sank Battlefield V.

-Foxtrot154d ago

I think my issue is mostly from the fact the characters look like hipsters with guns…like they are trying too hard design wise

Lexreborn2153d ago

The thing I’m not understanding here is the disdain for “hipsters” as if somehow a hipster can’t do what a muscle head or street thug can. Do you guys realize ANYONE can use a gun… it doesn’t require a look to commit a crime.

-Foxtrot153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

But they are saying they are making it more grounded then the last 2 games so.....

Yeah...this doesn't look "more grounded" to me

It's called trying to hard to be appealing

camel_toad153d ago

Its gravest offence is that the designs look like pandering from someone who is extremely out of touch.

Eamon153d ago

It's the whole "hey kids, look at how cool we are" direction that feels vision-less and instead seems to be targeting a fortnite audience.

If they simply started a new IP then that's fair, but they're using the Saint's Row name which obviously has a huge fanbase that have grown with the franchise over 15 years.

Lexreborn2153d ago

Pretty sure their interpretation of grounded… is to bring it back from the Heaven, Hell and galactic travel. Pretty sure they completely still plan to make it as saints row as ever.

So again, the hating on the hipster aesthetic still doesn’t make any sense

Christopher153d ago

@-Foxtrot: The gameplay looks more grounded, it's the cut scenes that seem to have the wildness to them. There weren't any crazy weapons or enemies or the like in the gameplay they showed, though.

***Its gravest offence is that the designs look like pandering from someone who is extremely out of touch.***

I think the people out of touch are those who don't realize how popular the designs are to people who play Fortnite, still one of the biggest IPs out there that is played daily. Let alone it's the aesthetic of some of the most popular streamers out there, who people want to mimic.

I'm not saying your opinion sucks, only you have to realize that it's just your opinion and not the opinion of the youth crowd that marketing is targeting now.

Welcome to getting older. Join the rest of us.

CobraKai153d ago

I understand. It’s cuz hipsters suck and no one wants to play as one.

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camel_toad153d ago

Agreed. It really reminds me of the worst part of Watch Dogs 2, the hipster and cliche hack the world crap. But maybe like WD2 Saints Row's biggest problem will be its character designs and the gameplay will come through.

DrShoe153d ago

My problem is that after watching the trailer, it felt more like dlc to watchdogs 2, then Saints Row. It's a misfire of epic proportions. Just tonally completely wrong. It's like they learnt nothing from agents of mayhem, which should have been a lot better than what they served up.

Christopher153d ago

The only problem with Agents of Mayhem was the lack of co-op. It wasn't character or story that people complained about, but a game about playing multiple people at once and not having multiple people control them. So, apples to papaya comparison there, IMHO.

Also, Watch_Dogs 2 was not silly and was way more realistic. It also wasn't about building a criminal empire at all or dealing with criminals but government contractors and companies. I don't get this comparison either.

This feels like a statement trying to find a comparison but resulting in a misfire of epic proportions.

Battlestar23153d ago ShowReplies(4)
Sniperwithacause153d ago

Their creation. Their vision. Games like these never leave a lasting impression anyways so whatever they decide is fine by me. It's a one and done type of game.

plmkoh153d ago

People acting like Saints Row was some kind of fine cinema with cultural importance. No one cared for the last few games and all of sudden the devs change it the way they want then people are acting like they lost something.

Always has been a product of it's time. Get your kicks from it and move on.

Sniperwithacause153d ago

Exactly! Have your fun while it last, then move on to the next one.

smashman98153d ago

Good I look forward to playing it in February. Saints Row coop is always a lot of fun.

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