Voiceover Actor Claims To Be Working On A New Grand Theft Auto Game

Professional voiceover actor will play the role of a police chief in the upcoming game!

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SinisterMister263d ago

GTA V, although typically fun and one of a kind, PRONTO needs a sequel imo. Would love to see how next-gen consoles will handle it.

porkChop262d ago

I'm expecting big things. GTA V was built for the PS360. With the huge advancement in CPU power and SSDs we could see some incredible stuff.

Knightofelemia262d ago

Maybe a new future DLC for GTA V or the remaster rumors of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas. But a new GTA I highly doubt it Rockstar is too busy milking GTA 5 and they are porting a game from the PS3 era to PS5. Unless Rockstar jumps out of the bush and says surprise here is GTA 6 I don't believe a word unless it's right from the horses mouth.

262d ago
porkChop262d ago

I have to doubt this. On previous Rockstar Games they've been so secretive that voice actors didn't even know what characters they were playing until later in development, after the recording had been done. And this guy knows everything about his character before he's even started recording? That seems very unlike Rockstar. Especially with how openly he's talking about it.

262d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

Voice Actor: "It's okay, I'm allowed post this. I just can't mention plot points!"

neutralgamer1992262d ago

A new GTA is in development who doesn't know that? Last one came out in 2013 so next one should be due by 2023-2024

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