Horizon Zero Dawn is an Almost Perfect 60fps on PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn 1.53 update makes Aloy's adventure feel next-gen

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lellkay51d ago

Hype to replay this in prep closer to feb

Aloymetal51d ago

This 2017 still looks better than most games from today. Decima engine is a beast and to think this was Guerrilla’s first try at open world games. Epic

Jin_Sakai51d ago

I said the same thing when I fired it back up and played at 60fps. It easily holds up to most next gen games if not better in some cases.

TheDoomedGuy51d ago

Can you go straight to the dlc? I already Platinumed the base game but may consider the dlc if i can go straight to it

foker51d ago

I don't see why not,. I mean suggested level is 30,.. Really want to see if anyone made it to the first Village without buffing up,.. because expansion is hard as hell. I am level 32,.. I think it is doable,.. still get used of dying a lot.

jukins51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Right imagine what we could've been playing all these years if they werent forced to do killzone, 2 was good, but every other trash. And to hit a grandslam on an entirely new genre of game 1st try tells me they were being held back for so long .

Ive only continued where i left off in frozen wilds and looks like an entirely new game from what i remember. Only 6 months left

Father__Merrin51d ago

I would have slightly dropped res or effects to get a nigh on 60 if that was thebtarget

Mr Logic51d ago

Are you serious? The average framerate is 59.96. It's a perfect 60fps 99.93% of the time. Freaking clown world over here.

Mr Logic51d ago

I'm at work. Maybe you go do some gaming instead of complaining about a 59.96 framerate.

Teflon0250d ago

I played for about 3 hours since the update and I couldn't tell you I've even remotely noticed a frame drop, so kinda pointless to say you'd drop the res lol

ProLogY51d ago

It's just about perfect, but I am looking forward to the VRR update finally dropping on PS5 so even rare minor dips like this become completely unnoticeable on compatible displays.

NeoGamer23251d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Nice to see another totally free update that improves the game on current gen hardware.

S2Killinit51d ago

How did they make this game so gorgeous

TheDoomedGuy51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I personally dislike the character models but everything else is eye candy. Especially the robodinos.

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The story is too old to be commented.