Halo Infinite’s Launch Won’t Be The Same Without Campaign Co-op

343 Industries is vastly underestimating the importance of Halo Infinite's campaign.

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Jin_Sakai50d ago

At least it’s coming soon. Better late than never.

gamer780449d ago

True but still a huge disappointment was hoping to play it with friends and experience the story together.

alb189949d ago

You can still wait and play it when is full. Nobody will get mad at you.

Tacoboto49d ago

That's the biggest risk they have for a delayed co-op launch. If the story does end up bad, three-four months post-release people may not care to even return to it anymore.

gamer780449d ago

@Tacoboto that's a good point, its a large risk they are taking, review scores will also take a hit due to missing features. Hopefully the story is good, going to try to avoid spoilers until march...

SpineSaw48d ago

@gamer7804 & Tacoboto

I do agree that if the campaign does not meet expectations then gamers 3 or 4 months down the road when
co-op arrives will not bother with it but as far as review scores go I can't agree at least as far as critic scores go because those scores are not based on the game there based on favors received. Example Microsoft gives favors
Such as E3 access to Phil Spencer and other execs and access to Game Devs or they pay the way to the event to say...IGN. Then IGN gets a Game to review such as Halo or name your publisher and game as they all do this and that's when the favor is returned with the high 8 or 9 score. Then the cycle repeats. So I'm saying laggy, huge frame drops, crashing, features missing or a crappy game these things have no effect on critic review scores and when you see a critic scores of 7 or lower then these people do not have a trusted relationship with the Developer or Publisher and if they did have the favor for favor relationship it ends with a 7 or lower score. IMO both critic and user review scores are useless.

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Smok9149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I don’t agree with “at least it’s coming” applying to a product that we’re expected to pay full price for.

Smok9149d ago

Ah, InUrFoxHole is an intellect. :)

Jin_Sakai49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

“I don’t agree with “at least it’s coming” applying to a product that we’re expected to pay full price for.”

You can play the MP for free and buy the game a couple months down the road so you can play it with a friend. It’s not that bad.

Mustakrakish48d ago

Yeah, it’s a joke for Halo to release without coop but they’re doing it because all of the fools who make excuses for them and defend every bad decision. Been a fan since 2001 but I won’t play this game until it’s “done”.

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Neonridr49d ago

then wait to play it if that's your thing.

-Foxtrot49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

People shouldn't have to...that's the point

It's been 6 years and they delayed it for a year, meaning this was never going to come out last year either

I hated the co-op in Halo 5 because it was forced into the story, but there's nothing wrong with great drop / drop out co-op which doesn't affect the story in anyway

darthv7249d ago

i have only begun playing through 5 but are you suggesting that i wont be able to play the campaign unless i use co-op? your use of the word "forced" implies there is no other choice. i dont seem to recall any reviews saying that.

-Foxtrot49d ago

I meant in terms of story

It’s forced as playing solo you have AI team mates with you constantly

Older Halo games had it where if you WANTED to play co-op, you’d jump in as a random Spartan, no affect on the story at all.

Halo 5 was built around co-op / a squad within the single player meaning they were also limited story wise as they had to keep thinking of set pieces and the like which happened to all 4 players

annoyedgamer49d ago

This game is going to be a mess. I can already tell.

Tacoboto49d ago

It's basically objective at this point that they've nailed the look and feel of Halo based on the near-universal praise the gameplay received from the Technical Preview.

Story quality - remains to be seen. Network issues - most likely because every service has it. But gameplay, nah, it's there, and they know they have that going for them.

Mustakrakish48d ago

Unfortunately, I think you’re right. It’s been one red flag after another. I wish they’d delay until it’s ready but we can both see they have a base that will defend and support every bad choice 343 makes.

darthv7249d ago

For a game like Reach or ODST, co-op makes sense as you are part of a team but with the MC you generally are the lone wolf who occasionally runs into troops who need your assistance (instead of other way around). So I dont understand the outpouring of criticism over the lack of co-op for Infinite. It is coming but it is not the main focus as primary is SP campaign and secondary is online multiplayer. Then you get co-op (tertiary).

i get the appeal of being able to play through a campaign with a buddy but I do that in buddy campaign based games (like Gears). I dont do that in a Master Chief game.

Orchard49d ago

If you like co-op, wait and play the game at a later date.

I personally plan on playing through this solo and don't want to wait another 12 months for the minority of gamers - thanks!

gamer780449d ago

I’m def waiting til March. Hopefully more polish by then too

JohnJ49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Fully sucks - it’s a shame they didn’t learn from halo 5. Campaign co-op was a huge part of many original halo fans’ experience. They’re missing a huge trick in not allowing old time fans to enjoy this halo in the same way they enjoyed Halo’s of old on day 1.

Same way some people watch Friends or The Office over and over - Me and my sister used to play through Halo and Gears over and over in co-op. Which now I’m 33 and she’s 26 would have been awesome to throwback to. Instead we can’t!

Or we can, but not at launch, when all the buzz and excitement of the game being new is there. Original halo fans are likely to feel disappointed by this.

chiefJohn11749d ago

Pull up 2 tvs and boom old school coop

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