Konami Doesn't Deserve Silent Hill

Since 1999, counting spin-offs and re-releases, there have been 18 Silent Hill games—and you can count the really, really great ones on one hand. That's a dismal average for a series with this much potential, and compelling proof that, when it comes to Silent Hill, Konami has no idea what it's doing. The first game launched on the original PlayStation in the late '90s, when the company was a powerhouse.

Games like Suikoden II, Metal Gear Solid, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night sealed its reputation as one of the best publishers/developers in the business. And Silent Hill—a provocative, stylish, and mature horror game that made Resident Evil look like a B-movie—only strengthened that prestige.

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Nyxus58d ago

Sadly, Konami doesn't seem too interested anymore in creating full scale games. Even though they claim to care about their series like Metal Gear and Silent Hill ( https://www.metalgearinform... we don't see much prove of it.

Bathyj56d ago

They need to just sell them to Sony who can nurture these franchisees and go make slot machines or whatever it is they do now.

56d ago
Lionsguard56d ago

License maybe not no way will they sell it. It's too big of a chip for them and they can make all their themed Pachinko machines they want with it.

Orchard56d ago

Why Sony? Sell it to Kojima Productions.

Not that they would since they likely still hate each other.

Neonridr56d ago

why Sony? why not others who can ensure everyone gets to play?

FanboysKiller56d ago

And what makes you think it's going to survive this way ? Being a sony studio title is a bit insecure in my opinion.

Bathyj56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Because Metal Gear and Silent Hill belong on PlayStation and you all know it. Their original and most loyal fans are on PlayStation.

That's why you're feigning ignorance out of your own insecurity. Sony would give both these franchisees the quality they deserve. Don't act like that's hard to understand.

And if Sony owned it you can bet Kojima would have a hand in the game. It's the only way it could happen.

Jericho133755d ago

What sort of track record does Sony have with horror games? Siren? From a studio that has now closed? Think you’re being very generous claiming that they ‘nurture’ franchises.

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Orchard55d ago

“Because Metal Gear and Silent Hill belong on PlayStation and you all know it.”

Konami games don’t “belong” to any platform - they belong to Konami.

MGS and Silent Hill have both been on Sony, Nintendo and MS platforms.

So I guess the loyal PS fans weren’t bringing in enough $$$ 🤷

TheRealTedCruz55d ago

Dude, games should be available to everyone, regardless of what console/PC they have, as long as the hardware allows.
The only reason I'm even happy MS bought the studios they did is because a few of my favorite studios have a lot more funding, and I know their games will be hitting PC gamepass.

These fanboy wars; you'd swear people would want games, as a whole, as just this giant monopoly under one or two names.

Bathyj55d ago

Ted how do you say games should be available to everyone and then praise Microsoft buying Bethesda in the very next breathe?

Besides if Metal Gear and Silent Hill came out Xbox gamers wouldn't buy it anyway. They'd wait for it on Gamepass. How long are 3rd parties going to continue releasing their games on Xbox and having to jump through those hoops getting them to work on Series S and mobile devices just to get 10% of their sales from there? Interesting future they're trying to create.

FanboysKiller55d ago

Honestly, they'll get the support they deserve from all their fans on every platform, heck I wouldn't be pissed if they release it on mobile , no problem at all , as long they stay healthy it doesn't matter. , gp is rich in contents but mediocre at executing them in a practical way cause you can't brag about stuff you know it's time limited.

Orchard55d ago

@Bathyj You do realize GP isn’t a charity right? Developers get paid - and Xbox accounts for a lot of revenue for publishers - they aren’t going to opt to give that up.

Also since when did Xbox make you “get your game running on cellphones”?

TheRealTedCruz55d ago

You need to reread my comment, because I didn't say any of that. I literally said the only good thing about their acquisitions was that it allowed some of my favorite developers a lot more funding.
Obsidian, InXile, Ninja Theory, Double Fine; all great developers that have struggled to keep their doors open over the years.
Bethesda was never mentioned. You really think Bethesda has hard a hard time funding their releases since Morrowind?
And the only other thing I said was those acquisitions benefit me as a gamepass subscriber.

You put a lot of words in my mouth.

Bathyj55d ago

Ted. Fair enough mate.
I made an assumption there and was off the mark. Man enough to admit that.

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Shinox56d ago

Its out of Konami's hand to make new SH and MGS when the creators aren't there , the least thing they could do sadly is pay homage to the titles since they are the reason why Konami is Konami and that's what people don't get

Knightofelemia56d ago

It's not just SH Konami has forgotten the whole gaming industry they are living off royalties from games like Castlevania and Contra releasing and selling those as anniversary packs. They need to pull their head out of their ass and also focus on the gaming industry besides pachinko machine the two parts can make money.

Tedakin56d ago

Or Contra, or MGS. They've ruined them all.

Orchard56d ago

Fixing the headline:
Konami doesn’t deserve any of their franchises

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