Saints Row Taking a New Approach is a Double-Edged Sword

Deep Silver Volition's forthcoming Saints Row reboot is going back to the series' roots, but this tonal reset may have its share of drawbacks.

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badz149146d ago

would prefer they call it something else and leave the SR name alone

Army_of_Darkness146d ago

I hope they at least still have character customization and a choice of gender like the last games.

strayanalog146d ago

They do, but due to poor communication on Volition's part it has been a muddy lake of info.

Here’s what the game’s official press release says:
“Create the Boss of your dreams, with the most extensive character customization suite ever seen in the series, then complete the look with incredible options for weapons and vehicles.”

TheEroica146d ago

Yep... I don't get the reboot craze. There must be an artistic void and lack of creativity in modern gaming. Sad.

NeoGamer232145d ago

I don't care whether it is a reboot or new IP. I just look for great games.

TheEroica144d ago

It's a sign of the mediums slowing down of creative thought and idolizing former work. It's a bad omen. If all we do is look back and idolize the things that came before how will we create new forms of gameplay and places to see and experience in games?

Its not unlike music... When people say, "X band is the best that ever was and no one will ever be better" it's like saying theres nothing new to offer... I don't subscribe to that.

Urrakia34146d ago

As a fan of the series, this reboot feels strange. Almost like they want to make it a little more family friendly but the cast just doesn't mesh with the concept of building a gang through murder and other crime. They look out of place. It just feels really off overall...

Christopher146d ago

I'm kind of liking the idea of not playing the usual people who do murder and crime and seeing people not normally up for it stumble their way through it. I actually have a ton of games I can play already that have criminals doing crime real well. I'm not saying more of the same can't be good, but I'd like to give something not the same a chance to be good if it's also something different and entertaining.

gamer7804146d ago

That’s fair but that’s why people are saying don’t use the SR franchise if they want to make a game like this which from this trailer doesn’t feel like SR at all.

Profchaos146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Yeah there's been a few interviews where they said the original SR was from a era where insert PC buzzwords was more acceptable were proud of those games but don't have the balls to do the same thing so this is more about a grouo of friend supporting each other

Eamon146d ago

"If Saints Row similarly wants to grow up, shedding some of its crasser qualities in the process, that’s an admirable endeavor. But juvenile charm is still charm, and it must be replaced by something equally compelling."

Always a hidden subtext in a lot of these articles. Author is implicitly condemning the "crassness" of SR's well known themes and humour. I do wonder if that's what he really thinks or is he putting on a mask in public?

TricksterArrow146d ago

Why so sensitive? People can like stupid things while admitting they are stupid. Like giant dong sliders and weapons. It’s crass, but it’s also fine. It’s perfectly explained in his opinion.

Eamon146d ago

It's part of the original appeal.

The negativity to this reboot is very similar to DmC's reboot reveal about a decade ago. Some brands have a very strong identity and attachment. Completely altering it will of course elicit strong reaction. This is a natural response.

I don't think the author is implicitly saying that the crass humour is fine. He is obviously trying to say that it belonged to an era that is 'no longer acceptable.' Seeing how this has been a running theme in videogame journalism for a number of years now, I think my interpretation isn't far from the truth.

TricksterArrow146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

“It's part of the original appeal”

But that’s exactly what the article is about…

Why would he say it’s a double edged sword if the change was inherently good and he thought it was great? He seems to know that the original is crass and juvenile, “but it’s still a charm”, while this one seems charmless. And he is right.

Eamon146d ago

It doesn't contradict what either of us are saying. That's why I asked in my original comment if that's what he really thinks or if it's just a public mask.

Christopher146d ago

Author: "But juvenile charm is still charm, and it must be replaced by something equally compelling."

You: "Author is implicitly condemning the "crassness" of SR's well known themes and humour."

I think you might want to reread what was written there. They're not negative towards it, just identifying for what it is. And they say that removing it, as it appears the developers are doing (not the author of this article), needs to be replaced with something else equally compelling.

Eamon146d ago

I understand that point. But when reading this, I felt an implicit bias for being done with that sort of humour (even if the author did in fact enjoy it).

The author is expressing admiration for Saint's Row "growing up." Considering these new characters, their design, their personalities, all seem to be "youth" targeted than what we've seen in previous entries, this makes me think that "growing up" wasn't used literally here.

Christopher146d ago

Preferring less crass humor isn't a condemnation of it. Much like you, the author can have an opinion. But, part of their opinion wasn't to label one as better than the other, just that they liked that it was approaching humor they likely would prefer. To call that implicit condemnation is you reading into it based on your own implicit bias, not them saying it or meaning it.

Again, they say that the change in tone needs to be equally compelling, which by your own concept of "implicit condemning" being read into it must also mean they consider what they are condemning to be compelling as well? That doesn't make sense. Your logic just doesn't follow through if you take all their words into consideration rather than just the line about "growing up."

gamer7804146d ago

From that quote just make a new franchise instead of diluting an established brand name.

moriarty1889146d ago

not a proper Saints Row imo. Should have brought Julius back and have him head up a new gang back in Stillwater or someplace else. These four members are more kid like than actual Saints material. Blown opportunity which seems to be the trend nowadays with many devs and franchise reboots or sequels.

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