Top 10 Failures of The New Xbox Experience

PriestBeast writes, "As an Xbox virgin (at least in terms of owning one), The New Xbox Experience is entirely new for me and will become the interface I am most accustomed to. I come from a very different perspective, having no preconceived notions about the original dashboard. From what I do remember about the old experience, this one already has left me confused and disoriented in many ways, not to mention that there are other things I just don't understand. So as a noob to The New Xbox Experience, here are ten things I dislike about it.

10. It's a forced update for anyone playing on Live. Self explanatory, no need for discussion.

9. Why does it have to load up to the spotlight section? As far as I am concerned, it should take me directly to the "My Xbox" channel or just boot up my game. The user should get the choice if they want to look at the ads or not.

8. Do we really need to see our own motto? It serves no purpose other than to block out a bit of the screen for no reason..."

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CrAppleton3625d ago

I'm torn on this one.. While you make very good points.. there is nothing here that really urks me

bgrundman3625d ago

Well the point is that it is something that is very different, so there are kinks that will need to be worked out.


I have to say i dont agree.I own a ps3 and i have used the New Xbox Experience in a friends house and i like it alot.

gw4k3625d ago

I want to see MS bring more to the live interface. They need to be working on a Home-like interface. Once Sony releases Home MS has some catching up to do.

The new experience is fine but not a whole lot more than a Graphical update. For me anyways.....

Monchichi0253625d ago

What is this freakin guy talking about??? Dumb articles like this shouldn't be approved. I mean, complaining that we need a disk in the tray to play the game??!!! DUHH!!!! You really think MS would be so stupid to not do this. No one would ever buy games again, just borrow them or rent them and burn them to the hard drive. Geez!!! Get a clue!!!

barom3625d ago

I agree with him on some points. I personally didn't like how many slides there were and how they're not really labeled so you kinda have to go through them to find whatever you want. I also agree on the spotlight thing but doesn't really bother me that much.

I do like the avatars though. And I love the new BLADE menu and I actually use that way more than the actual NXE menu. Also I think the ability to rip to hard drive is actually really cool too. I mean if it's the dvd drive is not being used then it's a less chance of it getting broken.

But I personally (and it could be just a preference thing) don't like the new NXE menu. It's so confusing. What are Events? What are Spotlight? Are they both just a cathegory to advertise in? I found myself using only the "My Xbox" 90% of the time. Market place the other 10% (which has been improved but it's still kinda messy, I think at least). I don't even remember the other cathegories if there are any because I probably just didn't use them.

phosphor1123625d ago

about the ads. Microsoft loves to throw them in our faces, regardless of paying for live. Why am I paying them for? So they can throw the ads in my face and laugh about it too? On my PS3, the only place you will run into ads is the PS Store, and soon, Home. The thing is about Home is that it will be integrated with the environment so it wont be "in your face" or "im turning on the console OS into the ads section" style.

hate_me3625d ago

"7. What is the point of ripping a game to the hard drive if you still need the disc to play it?....."

I dont know. Might need the disk in drive because of something called Piracy /end sarcasm

RememberThe3573625d ago

I can't stand the way they look. They have the whole metro sexual thing going on, and that is not my beg of tea.

AAACE53624d ago

To me those are just minor things, the only thing that really buggs me is the issue with the backgrounds being cut in half!

edhe3624d ago

10. It’s a forced update for anyone playing on Live. Required for support. You can't have multiple versions of an OS out there and make everything work - NB Windows.

9. Why does it have to load up to the spotlight section? To sell you stuff. I agree however.

8. Do we really need to see our own motto? It reminds you to change it on occasion, more of a statement than a motto now.

7. What is the point of ripping a game to the hard drive if you still need the disc to play it? DURRRHHH. Piracy?

6. The Marketplace screen seems cluttered and confusing. It took me ten minutes to figure out where to redeem a code for Gears of War 2 with the free map pack upgrade! At least they've updated the web to help but they shouldn't rely on an external system for good browsing.

5. The Events menu is being used like a marketing tool. It’s cool that it automatically shows what events are about to occur, but wouldn’t it make more sense if it only showed events that are related to games you have in your library? It's trying to cover the major gap in the live experience - custom experiences per friend/groups of friends/owners of certain games etc. It'll work towards something better, hopefully, with calenders & invites for events. At least i hope so.

4. Why does it lag when I am scrolling through my friends list? I only have six friends who are currently on Xbox LIVE, but what happens when I have 60 friends and want to flip through them randomly? It will take forever! --- Bullshiot. The friend's list doesn't lag at all. the avatars take a little time to load - though once they do they all show up at once.

3. The interface is not customizable. If you have a few channels that you always use, it would be nice to be able to design your own menu of preferred channels. This would significantly cut down on browsing time. -- See above, you have to have a standard OS, however it would be nice to reshuffle some items around.

2. How many different menus can there be? Turn on the Xbox and it can take you ten minutes to find something you are looking for. It even bears a striking resemblance to the latest version of iTunes, which I was not a fan of either. --- That's just personal opinion.

1. The thing that irritates me the most is the avatar creator. -- don't use it then.

S1CKLY3624d ago

for f**k sake. Will everyone just quit crying about it? I find little wrong with the update.. yes it's a bit cluttered, but that's why they've updated the guide menu.


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JimmyJames703625d ago

All I can say is, hit the Xbox button in the middle of your controller. That menu is faster. All the other stuff is just pretty glitter stuff.

bgrundman3625d ago

That is true, but I wish there was some way to point that out to the newcomers before they get too confused.

Mozilla893625d ago

If so it kind of blows the point of having a new interface, still at least they gave you a choice. I'm surprised about the complaint about not being able to play games without DVD's though. Its pretty obvious its done to avoid pirating.

No surprise with 1 though, thats the only thing that makes me mad, why add stupid little avatars especially when you're basically copying them from your competitor?

killyourfm3625d ago

Your list, while some of it is debatable, reminds me of similar-spirited gripes that were published when Vista was released :-) Microsoft NEVER gets it right the first OR second time. Expect the NXE to be all polished and perfect by Q1 - 2010.

JimmyJames703625d ago

Oh man, that's a long ways off.

bgrundman3625d ago

it will be finished in time for the next Xbox... I wouldn't be shocked if they just brought the whole interface over.

killyourfm3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I bet they will bgrundman. I don't see the next Xbox being released until 2011, but by then as you say we'll probably have an uber-polished NXE operating system.

But, I'd like to think we can customize it by then...

JimmyJames703625d ago

Oh yeah, the one thing that irks me is that I can't find the Free stuff anymore. The old GUI had a menu item that listed all the free themes. I miss that. Anyone know where that went?

bgrundman3625d ago

I have no idea, but I will look into that one. Good catch by the way.

bgrundman3625d ago

Do you think this is similar to the caliber of updates that people have been getting over the PSN?

killyourfm3625d ago

It's shinier, but not as functional. The last 3 or 4 firmware updates for the PS3 have introduced massive new functionality.