Overwatch McCree Name Change Explained by Blizzard; New Deathmatch Map Comes to PTR

Overwatch players who are fans of a certain futuristic gunslinger are going to have to expect changes, as the upcoming Overwatch McCree name change is explained by Blizzard!

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SpeedDemon62d ago

They announced that the characters new name will be Bill Cosby.

VTKC61d ago

And make him black. Because you know for diversity and clout.

bradfh61d ago

I always thought it was Mad Dog McCree from an older game.

Pyrofire9561d ago

I don't (M)agree with this choice. Why ruin and complicate a character because he was named after some ass. Most people wont even realize why. I feel like it's letting one dude ruin a good thing for everyone else and this is some meaningless over-correction.

excaliburps61d ago

Yeah. I think it’s not really needed.

jambola61d ago

because it's an easy way to pretend they care and didn't support, enable and allow horrible things to happen at their company
they can pretend to be against the abuse that happens by doing as little as possible

Pyrofire9561d ago

I thought it was funny cause it sounds like McCree. :p

JustTheFax61d ago

@Pyrofire95 haha woosh that went over my head. nice one!

-Foxtrot61d ago

It's Blizzards form of damage control

They listened to a minority bunch of vocal fans wanting the change and now they are acting like they are doing such a great job, changing their ways, that it's a huge step forward for them when all it is to them is PR

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HeliosHex61d ago

Macguffin sounds appropriate.

redrum0661d ago

A new FFA deathmatch map? Boring

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