Xbox 360 Left 4 Dead hacked, is now grief-tastic writes: Left 4 Dead is a great game, but since both the co-op and versus modes require other people, you know things are going to go badly. While the PC version has seen its share of hacks and exploits, it looks like the Xbox 360 version is also starting to see a good collection of hackers and griefers ruin the game. Mario, one of our more aptly-named readers, sent in an e-mail detailing his experiences.

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outlawlife3602d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

to this day i still struggle to understand the allure of cheating at online games

it is like people must feed their ego, by cheating it makes them feel important or superior

i always thought games were meant to be fun, not make me feel important

a good testament to this is if you look at the eladerboards on any 360 game the top few guys are alwasy clearly glitcher or cheaters and theya re selling either that account or they are selling time to teach you how to cheat

the sad part is people buy accounts and cheating tutors which is even harder to understand

it is like people paying hundreds of dollars for a warcraft account that is already maxed

where is the satisfaction? where is the fun?

but im sure as this exploit is found out the live ban hammer with swing mightily because modifying files on the hard drive is a big no no...people may see console bans from this and most definitely cheater tags on their gamer score

TheIneffableBob3601d ago

First game to be hacked first on the console?

outlawlife3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

definitely not the first hacked game

what the guy is doing is actually quite simple and people do it to cheat achievements a lot, but the fact that it is that easy to access in game parameters is uncommon

people have written hack programs for 360 and ps3 both to cheat on line

people load up edited/hacked files through usb flash drives on their ps3 and use hard drive cables on 360

a good example of this is cod4 on ps3...a ps3 aimbot existed at one point and may still exist i haven't heard much of it recently

if there is a way to cheat people will find it

TheIneffableBob3601d ago

Wait, I was unclear. Let me rephrase that.

First PC and console game to be hacked on the console first?

I've yet to encounter any cheaters in the PC version of Left 4 Dead and I've been unable to find any hacks through searching.

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