February 2022 Already Has Too Many Games

Kotaku : Between Horizon, Sifu, Saints Row, and more, yes, there is such a thing as too many games.

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LordoftheCritics148d ago

Don't worry a bunch of them will get delayed. Keeping your word is rare these days.

NeoGamer232148d ago

Given how rampant delays are lately, I would say, that this isn't about devts keeping their word and more to do with the difficulties created by COVID. Most devts had to switch to working at home and home only for about a year or more. That created a disruption to the way they were working and obviously some productivity and collaboration issues.

thorstein148d ago

Delayed is always better than

Actual programmer in chair: "We've done what now?"

jBlakeeper148d ago

What’s funnier is the people blaming all the delays on covid. Delays have been commonplace for years now. I can’t think of one Sony first party title that hasn’t been delayed at least once.

Lightning77148d ago

Agreed it is awesome. I don't wanna hear complaints of too many games with all these delays in the past year. All these AAA games being MIA with no releases dates.

Gamescom was way better than what E3 had to offer that's for damn sure.

gamer7804148d ago

even when something like "too many games" is basically an inarguable good thing, kotaku manages to spin it as something bad for clicks.... they should give awards to the worst gaming site, kotaku would be a top contender

JaXion5148d ago

You're not going to beat them all at one time anyway so what's the issue exactly...?

Smok91148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

I mean, did you read the article? Lol
Here’s a hint…it’s not a bad thing really lol

BrainSyphoned148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Why would I read a Kotaku article? Hint..clicking on Kotaku is a bad thing.

alb1899148d ago

Is worst to talk without knowing, BrainSyphoned.

TheDoomedGuy148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Yeah but the headline should represent the core of the article. When you write a research paper on dog breeds you dont say something like "There are too many dog breeds" and "Too many to list here."

And then your research paper is only actually about 3 dog breeds.

Good writers write interesting articles and focus on the first paragraph to hook the reader along with a clear topic headline to represent the whole of the article.

Smok91147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

BrainSyphoned, yet here you are lmfao

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TeamIcoFan148d ago

Next Kotaku article if (not that it's gonna happen) Sony delays H:FW by a couple months due to crowding :
"Sony's delay of Horizon : Forbidden West proves it wasn't prepared for next gen."

Bet you 100% that'll be the headline if Sony delays Horizon to avoid crowding.

EvertonFC148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

If Sony wasn't prepared for nxt gen I don't even think there is a word for MS then.
At least we've had returnal, spiderman, Godfall, ratchet, sackboy etc.
What the hell have you had? Medium?

Shadowsteal148d ago

Microsoft definitely should have delayed the Series by a year. Dudes were literally playing the same games they could on their Xbox One and gushing about it lol.

JustTheFax148d ago

hahaha you take things so personally like he is insulting you or something. Relax man, they are just games. The majority of those are on PS4 anyway.

Orchard148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

@EvertonFC You're taking this a bit too personal... He wasn't even bashing Sony / praising MS... he was bashing Kotaku.

@Shadowsteal Most games we've been playing on our PS5 were also available (or possible) on PS4... so what? We got to experience them with better visuals, higher resolution and higher framerate. Someone playing the same game on PS4 doesn't degrade my experience or enjoyment.

Darkborn148d ago

Let me explain something to you. Playstation is the top publisher, they don't run away from release dates. Other games delay their games away from playstation.

Orchard148d ago

"Let me explain something to you" Sounds totally condescending lol, especially when you proceed to spread misinformation.

Sony are one of the biggest publishers but c'mon, R*, EA, ATVI games etc. all outsell them - and release at a more regular rate (minus R*).

Do you think Sony would want to be releasing HFW on the same day as say, Call of Duty? I highly doubt it. Same goes for MS. The only one of the console manufacturers who is really unique and big enough to get away with that is Nintendo.

Kran148d ago

Okay...? Cool...?

Somebody should tell this person about November each year... they'd probably freak out 👀

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