Everything We Learned About the Saints Row Reboot Behind Closed Doors (Plus New Screenshots)

MP1st digs deep and unloads a ton of Saints Row reboot info based on the behind closed doors event hosted by Volition.

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smashman9862d ago

I'm so hyped they're dialing it back a bit. I'm also happy to not be in steelport again.

1nsomniac62d ago

…. Dialling it back a bit..????

I’m glad I stayed away from the later games if this one is dialled back. I want a return of the original saints row. These really cheesy ones are not for me at all

Lord_Sloth61d ago

Dialed it back from SR4 back to SR3 and honestly, maybe even between 2 and 3 which opened with a plane crash and tons of crazy shit but in a "big action movie" kinda way.

-Hermit-61d ago

If that trailer was anything to go by, then they are not dialing it back at all, it's actually more like the opposite.

excaliburps61d ago

I think Volition is just making it feel like players who haven't played the previous ones don't feel left out? It's more of a reset than anything else, and they can start with a clean slate.

smashman9861d ago

Yea because that trailer was filled with people flying around and running at super speed. While battling their way out of hell or through a matrix like simulation.

Lord_Sloth61d ago

Can I customize what the 3 characters are wearing so I can give idiot 1 a damn shirt and idiot 2 can nix that stupid bowtie and jacket?

Aussiesummer61d ago

I haven’t played since 2 and that was a long time ago so not sure what to expect really.