Saints Row Reboot Will Be More Grounded and Packed with Lots of Customization

Wccftech recently attended a presentation on the upcoming Saints Row reboot and we learned lots of juicy game details.

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neutralgamer199260d ago

Just give us remaster of SR1-2

UltraNova60d ago

I thought this was another one of those hipster-looking 4 gamer coop games.... this ain't Saints row.

Damn, I've never thought the day would come when GTA is more Saints Row than...Saints Row...

Welshy60d ago

Didn't look "more grounded" to me. Looked like a mixture of Fortnite and Watchdogs 2 from the trailer to me. The original Saints would have clowned on these new "saints".

robtion60d ago

Indeed. I am hoping the Saints haven't gone SJW. Just getting that 'woke' vibe for some reason. Really hope I'm wrong.

BrettAwesome60d ago

It's gonna be woke af. And vegan too. One large glutenfree shake with extra snowflake, please.


I can’t even begin to describe my disappointment with this reveal. Calling this game “Saints Row” is heresy.

crazyCoconuts60d ago

I'm glad to hear it wasn't just me. If they can't make a minute of material that doesn't look like generic B-roll, how are they going to fill a whole game out with a story that we'll find engaging and funny

boing160d ago

They are clearly chasing Fortnite crowd with this abomination.

Fntastic60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Which is strange considering Fortnite is pretty much a kids/family friendly game.

SDuck60d ago

about shooting and mayhem. Sounds like the only things this new Saints Row will retain

Eamon60d ago

This is a sign of how the industry is radically changing.

I fear for GTA 6 at this rate...

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The story is too old to be commented.