Here's Why We're Getting a Saints Row Reboot and Not Saints Row 5

PP: From crackhouse to penthouse, where else could the Saints go?

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ReelBigMike154d ago

I love all the Saints' Row games, but I'm in the minority in that I'm partial to 3 and 4 (4 being my favorite). I loved the complete absurdity and how OP you could become. I think you can always go more and more crazy if you're creative enough. That being said, I'm still not too disappointed in this b/c in the end I'm getting more Saints' Row.

CrimsonWing69154d ago

I’m with you, man. I thought 3 was great.

Germaximus154d ago

I love 3 and 4 and Agents of Mayhem. This game looks great so far.

micdagoat19154d ago

I loved 1&2, 3 was just okay and 4 ruined the series for me. I hope this is in between

Steven87i154d ago

I agree 100% with you love 1 and 2 the rest was too comedy with not good stories love the gangs stuff

ActualWhiteMan153d ago

Agreed. They got really homosexual after 2. I mean that seriously. The penetrator weapon was a giant purple dildo.

Profchaos154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Why not leave the franchise in the past five it a new name try and tell their fresh story without banking in the success of the franchise.

Sure 4 ended in a impossible way to continyeithout retconning the 4th game but still most fans would of accepted that.

It's clear that violation think the game isn't strong enough to stand in its own that it can't just be a new IP they need to tie it to a moneymaker like saints even if the series was "from another era" as they describe it.

To me this wasn't a saints game it's another ip it had a right to succeed on its own but volition took that chance wrapped it up in a known and loved IP that drastically differs from what we see here and managed to disappoint and leave fans saying WTF kind of after school special was that.

This new "gang" look like they just need Scooby doo and they are all set to go out solving mysteries.

JustTheFax154d ago

Isn't that what Agents of Mayhem is?

micdagoat19153d ago

I would play a scooby doo game like that ll

chicken_in_the_corn154d ago

I would prefer Saints Row 5 based on time travel

TheRealTedCruz154d ago

That's what I've been hoping for, but alas.

Tex4242154d ago

I would have started Saints 5 after part 2 and you pull out from the ending of 4 to see that they are playing a Saints video game in the actual story that was made by one of the members. They would have commented that it was good but it got a little too wacky and then we start the actual Saints 5: Undercover. Going back to a bit more serious tone and doing something like a The Departed story where you start undercover and make choices choosing ultimately to side with the police or the Saints.

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The story is too old to be commented.