Sony: No plans to change XMB or offer Netflix service

After Microsoft's successful launch of the NXE (New Xbox Experience), GamePro had a few questions to ask Sony. The redesigned interface for Xbox certainly looks a lot sleeker than before -- would Sony consider changing up the XMB (Xcross Media Bar) to make it feel new and fresh? Unlikely, according to John Kohler. "Grand-scale changes [to XMB] are probably not realistic, because it's something that's been so well-received," he states. The XMB is used in a number of Sony products, from PS3 to PSP to DVR systems and HDTVs. Why change something that's uniquely "Sony"? However, Kohler does note that PS3 fans that are vocal about a change are likely to get it. "If consumers pound on our door loudly enough, we'll make sure they're listened to. That's been evident in the firmware updates [for the PS3 and PSP], which came out because of consumer feedback."

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chaosatom4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

There are Working on Home. They need to concetrate on that first.

RevN8r4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

Home's practically finished. I don't think they need to change anything, but Home's release is imminent.

What I was wondering is whether or not we can already stream Netflix. I don't know how Netflix works, but I know I can stream anything that's available online. Since the last update, I've been catching up on Dexter, and it just seems to me that we should be able stream Netflix just the same (if that's how it works).

Nathan Drake4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

I mean,the NXE is a ripoff of the XMB,Miis,and Apple TV,so unless Sony want to ripoff Nintendo and Apple like Microsoft did,nothing is going to change in the XMB.

And Microsoft signed an exclusive deal with Netflix,so Netflix on Ps3 isn't going to happen anytime soon

Siesser4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

The wind definitely left my sails when Microsoft announced the exclusivity with Netflix. The entire conference, I was talking with my friend and saying that that was the ONE thing they could announce that I'd give a flying rip about, because I'm tired of streaming my View it Now to my pc monitor, partly because it's just smaller and more difficult to share for social viewing than the comfy living room and entertainment center, and partly because when viewing the movie, you're basically taking up monitor space used for other things.

Using the PlayOn media server, you can now access your Netflix account via ps3. The server works pretty great, and has just come out of the beta phase if I"m not mistaken. This means, of course, you'd have to buy it now. I want to say it's roughly $30 for a lifetime of updates, etc. I was in the beta, and it worked very well, streaming netflix, hulu, espn, youtube, and other channels without having to go through the internet browser to search for them.

I was all set to buy the software, but Tivo's announced that Series 3s and Tivo-HDs are getting an update this month to perform the same function! This has me very excited - all of these devices are starting to seem like one massive network of media now. Tivo can already stream music and photos from the computer, has rhapsody, amazon's unbox, youtube, and now Netflix, not to mention all of the other features I just don't bother to use. And we all know what the ps3 can do as a media center hub. I'm not sure if the stream from netflix will allow for HI-def though. Good thing there's the ps video store as well :-)

Know what would be cool? I can send my tivo vids to my pc. Why not let me stream the from my ps3 as well? It doesn't look like we're getting PlayTV state-side any time soon.

jcfilth4671d ago

Changing the XMB would be a big mistake, it is easy and simple to navigate, same with my new SONY 46" Bravia Z Series 1080p 120hz OMFG!!

Seriously, if you don't have an HDTV hooked up with your PS3 you are missing the point of it.

As for Netflix...nah don't need it.

Angelitos4671d ago


POOR XBOTS, "After Microsoft's successful launch of the NXE" HAHAHAHA POOR XBOTS, M$ admited that NXE can brake the audio input. POOR XBOTS, people are reporting already the size of the hard drive being too small, while being overpriced.


whoelse4671d ago

I like the XMB but there are aspects that I would like to see improved visually for example the PSN profiles could look more slick.

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