New Saints Row Announced With Trailer, Reboot Release Date Set for Feb. 25, 2022

Deep Silver is rebooting the Saints Row franchise! In a press event that MP1st attended earlier this month, Deep Silver

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strayanalog270d ago

This looks tame, but I sure hope to be proven wrong.

LordoftheCritics270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

That was poor.

So hipster chick vs hyper masculine dude at the end.

RaidenBlack270d ago

The art style looks like a mashup of Far Cry 6 and Watch Dogs Legion.
And a big reboot but making it cross-gen is a bad idea.

strayanalog270d ago

On the plus side, no one needed a testicle retrieval after the trailer reveal.

LucasRuinedChildhood270d ago (Edited 270d ago )


That short Saints Row 3 trailer is still hilarious. Such an epic build-up just for a guy to get punched in the balls. A perfect teaser for that game. haha

Lexreborn2270d ago

That was your take away and focus?

-Hermit-270d ago

I am so sick of this edgy hipster type style game devs are going for these days. That trailer was garbage and the characters just came across unlikeable. I got the same type of vibe from that Red Fall trailer a few months ago.

Army_of_Darkness269d ago

Always portraying big muscular guys as the bad guys, but in real life, those guys at the gym are pretty nice and chill... And once again, we are forced to have a tough, nearly invincible, independent, hipster, maybe angry short haired female protagonist....

Christopher269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

I mean... isn't that Saints Row The Third of its time w/Killbane? It's just some updated looks for the time, but it's pretty much the same dang thing.

***I am so sick of this edgy hipster type style game devs are going for these days.***

Look at who is streaming and playing games today. They're just going where the market is. Dinosaurs like myself are not the market focus here.

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Profchaos270d ago

Yeah there's no more edge to this it seems heavily watered down I didn't notice a single dick joke this is what happens when your favourite artist matures and stops the drugs.

Lexreborn2270d ago

Maybe, dick jokes didn’t sell as well as they’d hoped so they are trying something different? Then again, who knows since this is a CGI of the game and more info might have all the dicks you can eat.

Profchaos270d ago

It's possible but agents of mayhem was basically a attempt at a cleaner version of saints row the toilet humor was almost removed while the swearing was still there and the repetitiveness cranked up to 11

neutralgamer1992270d ago


Saints row 2-3 sold quite well they showed you that stuff in reveals to make themselves stand out and away from GTA

Army_of_Darkness269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

If they are cutting out D1ck jokes... I expect boobie punches in return. 😏

BTW, just noticed that this is releasing a week away from horizon zero dawn 2...thats a big mistake.

KillBill269d ago

I don't recall too many dick jokes in previous saints row trailers. Most of that humor type is saved for the game on not presented in trailers meant for the marketing.

Lexreborn2269d ago

@neutralgamer well considering they gave their statement on why they shifted. And it’s due to them adjusting to different themes and the times. I don’t see a problem with the change. Unless you guys just really need the dicks.

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porkChop269d ago

I don't really think it's "tame". But the devs have said that after Gat Out of Hell and SR4 they really needed to reign things in and return to their roots. Even the devs are admitting things got out of hand. It's not that SR4 was bad or anything, it just wasn't SR.

If this reboot is a mix of SR 2 and 3 I'll be happy. I liked it being over-the-top, but bringing in aliens and superpowers was a step too far.

strayanalog269d ago

Absolutely. Saints 4, which I still can't bring myself to call it a true sequel considering most of it was meant to be DLC in the beginning, was very much out of hand and uneven. Like you, though, if this reboot blends 2 and 3, I'll be a buyer. There's a lot of positives in both those titles.

Now with the Saints Reboot developer citing the over-the-top and arcade-y feel is still present, and that John Wick, Baby Driver, and Hobbs & Shaw are its creative inspirations, we both may have nothing to fear in our hopeful mix. And I truly hope so. But, despite that, for me, the trailer's vibe forces me to be cautiously optimistic rather than excited. Moving forward, hopefully my doubts will be pushed aside with some gameplay footage and another trailer.

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Lightning77270d ago

Sooooo glad it's its a reboot it's been too damn long. They needed a fresh start from the series for a long time.

Timzster270d ago

Definitely a good thing to have a fresh start. Welcomes new players.

Fntastic270d ago

No in game footage yet then, hope it has a big single player and multiplayer.

If it's a bit more like the earlier games it will be better, I like them fun but not too over the top, but also not quite dull like GTA 3.

Derekvinyard13270d ago

There is some gameplay in another trailer, gives me a little more hope cause this trailer looks dull. Look on YouTube it's like a 25 sec trailer

Fntastic270d ago

That's more like it but the clips are so short it's difficult to tell too much from it.

Darkborn270d ago

It looked alright. Not sure how the actual gameplay is going to be and look. Also curious about these gangs and how fleshed out they will be as well as yours.

Ashunderfire86270d ago

This is the actual gameplay that is only 25 seconds here:

Darkborn270d ago

Yeah I saw that too, but it's like sped up and extremely small clips so it's hard to understand what's really happening. I mean like a gameplay walk through.

slowgamer269d ago

Well basing with those seconds car handling has improved.

staticall270d ago

IMO, the only «Saints Row» about this trailer is the purple color and that bad guy. "Your" crew looks like straight out Watch_Dogs 2 or from that new Arkane Studios game, Bloodfall (or Redrain, can't remember the name; that 4 player vampire hunting), ticking all the diversity boxes, but all having the same quirky personality. And personally, not a fan of that uwu helmet, not sure why that character wasn't shot on site (this is the first thing i would do in a game).

I haven't seen any gameplay yet, so i'll wait for that. But first impression is bad. Personally, i was hoping that they'll go back to Saints Row 2 setting/plot-wise (more dark, serious tone, but with some humor at least). I can't imagine Volition pulling off another interesting character like Carlos [spoiler]and the killing him in a gruesome way and turning him into a zombie[/spoiler]. I don't even think they'll give you a lot of options with customization (like breast size and so on). Especially, if you take their recent track record into account. Saints Row IV was ok at best, but Gat Out Of Hell and Agents Of Mayhem were just terrible.

I sincerely hope i will be proven wrong when the game will be released.

LucasRuinedChildhood270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

The uwu helmet guy was such a buzz kill. Hated the sense of humour they're going for with that character.

The customization is at least being claimed to be better than the previous games though:

"Express yourself and unleash your inner Saint, with the most advanced suite of customization tools yet seen in an open-world game – make your character, your car and your crew your own."

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