F1 2021 delivers a performance masterclass on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Tom and Alex team up to take a look at the new next-gen features in F1 2021 - including of course ray-traced reflections, and an extra 120Hz mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X. How do they compare, and what's the difference from the last-gen version?

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Sonyslave356d ago

Didnt they take features off ps5?

Fishy Fingers56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Nothing that hasnt already been, or isnt being put back.

No need to start s*** bro.

EvertonFC56d ago

Don't believe social media 😂🤣

darthv7256d ago

Impressive results. I am not as keen on these more realistic F1 games. i miss the days of Super Monaco GP and Indy 500. I prefer the arcade style to the sim style but I can appreciate what they were going for in this series.

z2g56d ago

Worthy purchase for f1 fans imo. Looks and runs great on next gen… or well current gen now. The only visual thing that isn’t stellar are the people. They aren’t bad but not great. Still the more important focus is on cars and tracks and they look amazing.

frostypants56d ago

Racing games always skimp on the people thinking we won't notice, and yet I feel like ironically it's always the first place people look for where corners were cut.

Orchard56d ago

Nice to see a developer put the effort into getting all platforms to parity.

Jin_Sakai56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

PS5 will offer the best experience thanks to the DualSense.

“Controller like no other”

“We all know about the awesome DualSense controller by now, but F1 2021 will make full use of the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.”

“This will let you feel every bump in the road through the controller in much finer detail than ever before. While the triggers will stiffen up on you as you increase brake pressure or lock up.“

Orchard56d ago

What does the controller have to do with technical performance?

Deathdeliverer56d ago

@ Orchard

I think he’s just pointing out that if the performance and appearance is equal, the controller is definitely a differentiator. In the dualsenses case, it’s a bigger differentiator than usual. It is some real stick in the mud action going on from in here.

--Onilink--56d ago

I’ve lost track of how many games put that kind of message regarding the dualsense only for it to be a really disappointing implementation
Outside of some 1st party games, there hasnt been a single third party that has met my expectations so far

philm8755d ago

@Onilink have you tried Call of Duty Cold War? The implementation on that is great, particularly in the campaign. Stick headphones on and the immersion is incredible.

Decent in Plague Tale that I'm playing at the moment, although not the same level.

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akaFullMetal56d ago

Seems to run very well on everything other than a rare few tears on Xbox side.