Why Aren’t Video Games as Good as They Used to Be?

Why aren't video games as good as they used to be? Here LWOG have decided to take a look at what is wrong with many video games today.

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piroh52d ago

Videogames arent changing. We are changing

As a kid i used to play all platformers on the market, now i barely touch Super mario or Crash bandicoot. As adults we are more selective and have different preferences

darthv7252d ago

Agreed. i used to play and beat video games like taking vitamins (one-a-day). Now I am lucky if i can make time to play. I will say more modern games arent as pick up and play like older ones. So when i do get a chance to play some fallen order... it isnt for just a few minutes but more like an hour or longer.

if i only have a few minutes to kill... its classic titles that fill that slot. old school arcade hits like outrun, pacman and sf2.

ABizzel151d ago


That's definitely one of the main reasons, I actually think there are 3.

1. We've grown up, while the games industry grows up MUCH slower. 10 years is a new chapter in our lives, meanwhile, 10 years for the game industry is simply getting use to the new generation, with the same games, and updating graphics.

2. The death of the A / AA studio meant a huge decrease in diversity of games. Moving to HD in addition to trends established during the mid / late PS360 generation caused a lot of developers to assimilate or go under, and those who didn't do it well went out of business.

3. The mindset of the industry moved away from being about fun and experiences, to being about business and profits. Which while necessary for said companies to stay around and not go under, there still needs to be a balance between the two for innovation and creativity to exist.

1. People complain about "Movie Games", but those "Movie Games" are the only this pushing the medium forward narratively followed by indies pushing the medium forward artistically. They are both necessary for making gaming more diverse and to offer experiences that other mediums cannot achieve due to the interactive nature of games.

2. The rise of the AAA indie is a resurgence of the lost A / AA studios which will once again lead to more diversity. The issue here is that once these studios make a good game or a hit, publishers come knocking with multi-million or billion dollar checks, and then most creativity in the studio is drowned as they are a given the publisher sweet talk of yeah you can make anything you want, we support you....but first you gotta make a sequel..... and then turn it into a trilogy.... when the creative well is dry sometimes by that point.

3. The gaming industry will never go back to being about fun or funding many of these smaller projects, because it doesn't make financial sense. This is the one area where I believe a GamePass like subscription can be beneficial in the long-run for the game industry if the focus is on using a portion of the funds from such a model to fund remakes / sequels of A / AA games from yesteryear (Blur / Split-Second / Spec Ops: Then Line 2 / Gravity Rush / Alpha Protocol / Lost Odyssey / DriveClub / Motorstorm / Dante's Inferno / Heavenly Sword 2 / Singularity / and so many more). If these services get 25 million gamers, at $15 per month, that's $375 million per month. Take $25 million of that and invest $5 million into indies, and use the remaining $20 million to fund a project like one of the games above / or a new IP in the style of a AAA indie like Hellblade, Hades, Outlast, Ori, etc...

Those are 3 simply ways to help with the industry and the lack of diversity.

roadkillers51d ago

I still think the best year in video game history was 2004. You had arguably the best GTA, Half Life, Metal Gear Solid, Metroid, and so many other titles. 2007 was great as well, that's when PS3/Wii/360 all kicked it into high gear.

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JustTheFax51d ago

@LordoftheCritics I was just saying yesterday after watching Geoff Keighley, is that he is trying to hype things like it is still 2007. That was definitely a high point for gaming culture. Geoff feels like a remnant and reminder from that time period. The mountain dew, doritos, extreme sports, spike tv era!

Hatchetforce51d ago

Games are as good as they used to be. In some cases better. The fact is not ALL games are as good as they used to be. The less intelligent, less game focused players allow themselves to be distracted by this sort of sideline stuff. If you don't think games are as good as they used to be, well that's on you pal. Good luck with that.

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DarthMarvin51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I disagree. My tastes haven't changed at all since I was a kid, the games I liked back then I still like today. In my opinion, the problem is that there are too many bad games. It isn't that there aren't great games like there were before, it's that there are way too many awful games and finding the diamonds in the rough is getting harder and harder.

EvertonFC51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Agree, I still play the same type of games also since 82" I just personally like a variety of games I'm playing. Where as gaming today you have live service games, f2p games which naturally gamers on a budget will goto plus subscription services etc.
How many games would we have played for a few mins before moving into the nxt game if we had gaming like today in the 90s?
My parents foster children and over the last few years/decade it's all been fortnite cod, fifa and Minecraft and nothing else.
I try my best to get them to play a variety of games like ratchet, sackboy, lbp, crash, spyro etc but there just not interested tbh.
Kids today can't wait to get home and chat on the mics with friends while playing fortnite where as we back in the day only had ourselves or a brother to play with in the evenings.
Remember it was only the wkd when you had a friend round and it was always take your console round to your friends etc.
But like you said way to many games out there and way to many meh games.

Rude-ro51d ago

Marketing/advertising 101, greed, market control & false competition.

The world is dominated with being told what is cool. Especially in the capitalistic countries.
Video games are strongly being manipulated to abuse marketing tactics to get into every gamers wallets. A natural phenomena in every human is to feel “cool”, “wanted” “individualized” or “admired”.
The addictive nature in gamers is the goal.
Ever since world of Warcraft and sims made it well known that the gamers reacted to in game life more so then they do in real life financially… this has been the intended goal of most major gaming companies.

The “playing with friends” sales pitch hammered into us that this is what gaming is while the marketing advertising tactics took over via fomo and the “new shoes” effects via marketing.

Why spend a lot of money developing a game when you can spend a smaller amount of money just telling people that the game is the new “hype”?

What does this mean?
It is the same thing as power-creep in a video game..
Selling the hype of a desired direction in games while never really innovating starts to look repetitive and becomes harder to feel entertained… but the almighty hype takes over because people want to feel as cool as each other… while none of us really understand the addiction is the issue and is being abused.

This is evident with paid streamers trying their best to make the game sound awesome to their viewers etc., but the games are duds a month later(or once the contract expires).. because really, how many variations of shooting each other can there be without feeling old and repetitive fast?
We hit the same buttons, do the same thing just looking at different paint jobs,

These companies do not spend money on innovation or on solo experiences that disconnect players from each other.. micro transactions/subscription based gaming NEEDS people playing together in order for the natural “new shoes” effect to work to get them to buy something that separates them from another player. The natural evolution of needing to feel independent. Take this plus’s all the science used in casinos to excite people… we have gaming of today.

Many of you will say “that is just silly” and “who spends their money on said things?”.,,

Most of you. It is a multi billion dollar business. They get that money from us.

Why are games boring?
Because we get the bare repetitive safe essentials while marketing is the focus.

Not every game/company of course..

But those that have the connections, money & power to manipulate the markets in order to drown out any individual company as a stand out so that impulse buying takes over and they get to control things how they see fit.

If you notice.. “gaming is boring”.. but there are companies that you can say otherwise..
But they are drowned out by the controlled gaming media so that they are part of the pool collectively and thus overlooked.

Ea, activision & Microsoft are your biggest culprits of this.

giveyerheadawobble51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

"Videogames arent changing."

Yeah, sure they aren't.

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camel_toad51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I think one of the biggest problems is that there is just too much of a good thing. We have so many options that it takes away something.

When we were kids (80's kid here) you would buy or rent and play that one game that you just got. You were pretty much forced to be committed to it. There were no free 2 play games. You had what you had and it hardly mattered if it sucked or if you could never get past a certain boss.

It was just fun and you'd play whatever the game was over and over and just try to make it further. Battletoads and TMNT.... man those levels. The developers were just sadistic.

I also remember faking sick a few times just because I had rented a new game. Shameful but fun.

Seraphim50d ago

true piroh. we are changing, though, video games are right alongside us in that regard; I think.

It's funny because I've tried some older games recently and it helped me realize just how much gaming has evolved. Not only in graphics [obviously] but in button layout, interfaces, gameplay, sound etc.

I was a child at the tail end of the Atari 2600 so my first console generation was NES. 8 and 16 bit games will always be held in high regard & to this day are still great, imo. When you get into the PS/PS2/N64/Gamecube/Saturn/Dre amcast/XB eras there were a lot of games with bugs, issues, etc, [especially PS2/XB era] that, imo at least, graphically+ just don't hold up that well. The + part of graphically+ meaning small things such as button layout, controls, maps or lack there of, menus, etc. Sure there were still a lot of great games that gen but overall something like a AA game would be riddled with bugs and issues. Then came the HD era of gaming with PS3/360 on which I don't think anything needs to be said...

For everyone past means a different thing. For those in my age range. I get it, there was something to be loved about, say, 8 to 16 bit games. That way of developing games is growing stronger and stronger with new games the past couple generations. The dungeon crawling, metroidvania side scrollers that have had a strong resurgence. Along with all the great Nintendo and Playstation RPGs of the past and so on. It's hard to top that nostalgia and how great many games were. But were they really that good in comparison to what we play now? It's really 2 completely styles of game. At least from 8-16 bit games to current gen. Much as I love those old games and want to get into the new titles like Axiom Verge, Hollow Knight, etc I just have a hard time sitting down and playing that type of game. For me those games just don't pull me in when I try playing them. though, I admit, I am hoping to force myself to play through some of those games at some point.

However, despite nostalgia, through all the years I think it's the little things that have added up to make gaming better. That and the growth of gamers into developers. I'd say that overall there's more and better story telling, we have game saves, games are longer, similar if not better controls/feel, maps, options, graphics.... All those little things have lead to how good gaming is today. Even when done right I feel some remakes of old games are just as good, if not better. Ys Origins was great, Streets of Rage 4, Wonderboy [what little I played], etc. While there's a fondness and nostalgia for the past I'd have to argue games are definitely better today than ever before. Especially overall. side note: I love the touchpad on the Dualshock 4 & Dualsense controllers. That in and of itself is a great addition that has resulted in better button mapping, imo.

I commend you if you read the entire ramblings of an old man.

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Gardenia51d ago

A game didn't need to sell millions to be successful. Developers had a limit amount of money and technology so they had to be creative. An example is the Metal Gear Solid 1998 codec system. They are basically a few pictures, but the atmosphere, the story and characters all make it top quality.

So yeah, nowadays gaming is more a business that needs to make as much money as possible without care for the product. Luckily there are still some good games from time to time.

on_line_forever51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Greed must stop we really need quality games like PSone & PS2 genrations

ArmorOfGod51d ago

This is part of the answer. The rest of the answer is that games aren’t made by gamers anymore.

bradfh50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

There still gamers in companies, But they don't run the company or get promoted and get push out of upper management because most developers and marketing teams at the top don't care about games and only about numbers. most indy games do better then a AAA game because its small and dont want to hire to many people. company that think they are to big to fail are the ones that people dont like to play because its filled with DLC and microtransactions.

masterfox52d ago

It will never be the same while the competitio n is acting so poorly since years ago, only one game company is trying to keep this game industry fresh with new IPs, but yet again thats a huge task for this company cause they just cant keep creating new IPs in a constant fashion , that would be very unreasonable because taking in consideration how long it takes to develope a game, in past gens(more than a decade ago) we had the big three and they receive that name because each one of them were creating awesome looking new IPs, but today that is reduced to only one company sadly.

Z23ash51d ago

What are you talking about? There are tons of new ips every month from tons of different companies

Notellin51d ago

I love how you worded this like anyone else would have any clue which company you're talking about.

Fanboy drivel.

Oeazy30551d ago

your so obssesed with fanboying you took this as an opportunity to fanboy some more lol. take a day off

Fntastic52d ago

One thing wrong is Nintendo screwing up some games with motion controls, they did it twice with Starfox on the DS and then again on the Wii U, instead of giving us a proper great game with standard controls. Then unwilling to bring back other games like Pilotwings.

Others refuse to go back to give us a new Road Rash or Desert Strike. Instead we get the same things like COD rehashed over and over and sometimes new things in between.

Then there's making some game levels too easy, hence why Mario World was dumbed down because players cried that it was too hard, so the official release was made easier.

septemberindecember51d ago

I know it sucks, but sometimes control experimentation ends up being awesome. Sometimes it ends up being a blunder. We just have to roll with the punches.

Where would VR be if people didn't experiment?

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