Fallout 3: Hi-res pictures of the HD texture pack

There is a HD Texture Pack for Fallout 3. The guys at PCGH checked it and made some comparative screenshots.

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xenogamer3626d ago

i wish i had a strong enough pc so i could have bought it for that, there is so many mods out and the GECK isnt even out!!! Now a texture pack!!!

moses3626d ago

Mods make games like this, like eliminating the no gameplay after the ending, the high res mods, and what not. Running this game with the improved textures at maximum 1920x1200 with full AA and AF at 60FPS is quite amazing.

Bob Dole3626d ago

Ask santa for a new computer. Bob Dole did... along with a fully automatic Ak-47.

vudu3626d ago

Mr. Dole I hope Santa hooks you up on both items. It is the season of giving after all.

Tarmgar3626d ago

Good god. This team is awesome. The textures are MUCH better. I do like the roads better in the original, but everything, the HD pack beats(dirt, rubble, grass).

Weed3626d ago

I just installed this pack and It's great. The best part IMO is the infinitely more readable world map.

likedamaster3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I personally don't like the HD textures on the roads outside, I do when it's indoors. I'm going to download but probably won't install it, I am currently playing the PC version finishing side quests(already completed main quests). Looking forward to future mods for F3, though.

Johnny Jiron3626d ago

I was a rather avid PC gamer, but at some point I realized I just couldn't keep up with it. I so miss the mods and creating stuff myself.