Blu-ray Surpasses DVD in Japan

According to the latest GfK Retail and Technology Japan data, Blu-ray recorders broke the 50% barrier during the first week of November, meaning that unit sales of Blu-ray recorders surpassed that of DVD recorders for the first time ever. Compared to the same time last year, when Blu-ray's market share was only 10%, the format has shown rapid growth.

Additionally, statistics show that the Blu-ray format is outpacing DVD in replacement speed as well. The high definition format is replacing DVD recorders 1.5 times faster than DVD recorders replaced VHS decks. The trend is expected to continue as recorder prices continue to drop.

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chaosatom3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Japan likes to Adopt newest Technology. Ps3 sales will start to grow even more.

rucky3600d ago

They're already talking about 4G speeds there whereas 3G Technology in the US is still starting.

solidt123600d ago

I want a PC internal recorder when the price goes down.

kalel1143600d ago

I give it another year before it dominates DVD in the rest of the world.

lordgodalming3600d ago

Quick, somebody post an irresponsible blog about how Bluray needs to be saved! lol

sonyandcher3600d ago

This is awesome news.

I was beginning to wonder if the media Sony hate was having an effect on the perception that blu ray was just a "ps3" thing. It has so many potential uses just like the DVD had with the added bonus of producing amazing quality video.

I hope they start releasing music albums on blu ray instead of CD - the quality of music would be amazing - anyone who had SCAD or even DTS 5.1 recordings would agree.

PirateThom3600d ago

Blu-ray adoptation has been faster worldwide than DVD. It's doing very well, hopefully they knock the prices of the players though.

Outside console wars, I'm sure there's people who would like to pick up a Blu-ray player when they reach a decent price, and I'd like to buy my grandad one as well.

Mr_Bun3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

How are the HD DVD players doing?...Oh, right.

Gue13600d ago

Most people from the MS side are saying that DD > Blu-ray but I'm sure if the HD-DVD were still here they would been saying HD-DVD is the future!

Nathan Drake3600d ago

I'm a proud supporter of BluRay

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The story is too old to be commented.