PSP Homebrew - GameMusicGear_MX v1.0: 10-band equalizer, new plugins, support for 7-zip, more

Here's the full changelog of version 1.0. It's kinda long, but silmarilion notes that the biggest changes are the equalizer, the new browser/playlist behavior, and the additional input and visul plugins.

* + add new vis_plasma visual plugin.
* + add info tag charset conversion.
* Available charsets are: UTF-8, GBK, BIG5, SHIFT-JIS, EUC-KR, MS-EE, MS-CYRL, ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-2
* You must change this value manually from the main config file.
* + ADD new browser-playlist behavior more ala winamp: you can browse
* any folder and play or enqueue files to the playlist, wich is saved
* in m3u format.
* + ADD psf input plugin . For now in_psf doesn't support equalization nor
* volume boost.
* + ADD new mp3 input plugin based on the pspsdk's pspmp3 library:
* Currently it doesn't support ff/rewind but consumes less battery life.
* It only suppports files with 44k sampling rate.
* + add s98 input plugin.
* + add new vis_cube visual plugin
* + add new vis_gel visual plugin

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