Cloud Gaming Comes to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Consoles

Xbox Wire: "Today during today’s Gamescom 2021 Xbox stream we revealed we’re bringing cloud gaming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One this holiday, enabling Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play 100+ games right from the cloud and discover new games with the click of a button."

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Orchard55d ago

So Xbox One can now play Xbox Series games... that's kinda interesting.

alb189955d ago

Well, now I can try a game without downloading it. I think that's something great.

Class_Viceroy55d ago

For sure. A great benefit is also saving storage, and it's a decent way to play indies or games that you can live with not having perfect FPS and Resolution.

4Sh0w55d ago

The big news here is this basically allows devs, developing for Xbox going forward to only need to target the Series X hardware for development and then Microsofts Xbox servers will do all the computing and allow last gen hardware to play next gen games straight from the cloud via last gen hardware. Wow.

Extermin8or3_55d ago

@4show no it doesn't becauae the number of people with the Internet to stream games all the time consistently is unfortunately still a minority in most countries. Plus MS won't allow that as they released the series s and will want it supported.

Old McGroin55d ago

@ Extermin8or3_

Probably true but for reference my crappy Irish countryside broadband averages 17mbps download speeds and I use Stadia with hardly any hiccups at all at 1080p without ethernet. The cost of entry for streaming isn't as high as a lot of people think. Although it might depend on how far you are from data centres etc.

NeoGamer23254d ago

Ya, no more download and wait to see if you like or are truly interested in gamepass games. just go and try it using the cloud and if it looks interesting enough download it. Nice little feature.

4Sh0w54d ago (Edited 54d ago )


Sure but it is available and its accessible to more people than you think, alot of people have been using it on different devices with pretty good results @1080p depending on the game, which is fine for those who arent upgrading to Series X anytime soon.

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Class_Viceroy55d ago

That's kind of the direction they've been going. They don't care about where you play it, as long as you subscribe to GamePass that's all they care about. Some Series games have been delayed/not available though. I'm guessing it's because they were working cloud off Xbox One tech. We just got The Medium added to Cloud, and Flight Sim isn't even an option yet.

So if there is a caveat I would say don't expect Series games Day 1 for Cloud until they show consistency in doing it

Lightning7755d ago (Edited 55d ago )

No downloading you'll be able to save space in your hard drive which is very good hear to hear.

Essentially what this means is you'll be be able to play something like Starfield on X1. Next gen titles will be in 1080p 60 with xcloud stream. Which is more than good enough for quality.

I already know what certain ppl will say. "I REALLY don't know need to buy a Series Console to play the games now"

1. ) I don't think all Next gen games will stream/ran on old gen systems. Maybe a handful will be on old systems. Depending on the workload and memory of each next gen title. Sense it's Xcloud MS is providing the back end for memory and offloading the assets since we won't be on download. I imagine running starfield will take loads and loads of memory and data streaming to run a game of that size in the cloud.

I Mean that's allot of memory and assets being streamed and going to the cloud pipeline that they're just giving to its subscribers on old consoles. Maybe they'll increase the price of Gamepass, anyway that's a topic for another time.

2. ) next gen (or current gen) will be the definitive version always. 4k 60 or 120 fast loading quick resume etc. The game will take full advantage of the Series console. Plus you get to buy it physically if you don't want to GP stream it. Buy it and enjoy it.

theindiearmy55d ago

I think you're over thinking the process. Cloud streaming doesn't stream the memory and assets of the game. It just streams the output image and the player steams back input information. The workload and memory of the title is going to be the same. Essentially the servers are made up of Xbox Series X hardware running the games. It's similar to if you were to stream games off your console to your PC. You're not literally streaming game assets to your PC. You're just streaming the output image. The games really don't use up anymore resources than they would otherwise.

NeoGamer23255d ago

It is coming for the holiday. It isn't available now.

DarXyde55d ago

I think we all knew this would happen. This was actually what I suspected they meant when they first talked about XCloud and "forward compatible consoles".

My concern with that is the fact that Microsoft is doing what the entire company has been moving toward: turning everything into a subscription.

Usually, I don't care. I have historically had no stake in this outcome because the tech wasn't there and the uptake was loud... However, I am concerned about the very real possibility that the platforms I do play on now catch on to this and adapt this strategy themselves.

I don't mind this existing, provided that this does not become the industry standard. I see how these subscription services help Microsoft and publishers, but not developers. PS now is yet another service that is highly suspicious in this regard, and Sony putting a lot into cloud gaming is concerning to say the least.

If it remains niche and Microsoft/Sony want to do that, fine. Have fun. But if we're moving toward a subscription service gaming industry, I'm not good with that.

UltraNova55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

If Sony follows suit (they will if MS succeeds) we better start looking for a new hobby or prepare to move onto PC gaming before Steam, Epic etc decide to lock their stores behind a subscription model too, which is inevitable they way things are going.

Extermin8or3_55d ago

They aren't going to adopt it until Ms inevitably raise their prices once people are locked in and need to continue to subscribe or lose their libraries. Why? Because its not profitable at the current prices. Also the number of people with Internet sufficient to use thus tech for current gen games/4k streaming is tiny and it will remain a tiny fraction of rhe market because as Internet speeds and bandwidth increase so too will the stream data sizes due to resolution increases etc. That's not to mention that a significant portion of people in all nations will never really be able to use this tech like this fir to input lag caused by the distance they live from their ISL'sjunction box's, exchanges and the xbox streaming services. The distance is limited by the speed of light. The only possible solution would be to build loads more around the country so that everyone is always fairly close to one . Clearly that isn't a viable solution so..

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darthv7255d ago

"Targeting 1080p/60fps".... id try it on one of my og xbo systems and see if flight sim hits that target (since it doesnt on the series s).

Tacoboto55d ago

Do you have a VRR display?

On my Series S I feel like it's only dipped in one region to a sub-VRR framerate. Feels better than how my PC handled the game before the big performance update.

CaptainHenry91655d ago

I have to say the opposite. My PC handles it way better than the Series S

Tacoboto55d ago Show
darthv7255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

No i dont use VRR but I am curious about the back end systems that MS is using for their cloud. I understand they are custom based off series x (the systems prior were based on one x) but they arent exactly like using a series x. They are custom because they have to be able to handle multiple streams and games per system simultaneously. So i was thinking they were way more powerful than the series x and could potentially allow MSFS to hit that 60fps for consoles like the PC is able to do (under the right conditions).

but the game needs to come to cloud first before i can test that theory.

CaptainHenry91655d ago (Edited 55d ago )

"You don't even have a Series S or X"

From looking at videos and talking to a few people on here the PC version of flight simulator runs better than the Series S version. Even some of the people on here can confirm that. But the Series S is holding it's own for the price

Tacoboto55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@darth, on top of that I'm curious how they'll handle games exactly like this - where VRR being enabled is pretty transformative to the experience and required to unlock the framerate north of 30.

But to my knowledge Flight Sim is the only title like this too.

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Class_Viceroy55d ago

Targeting means targeting. Not guaranteeing. If you can't hit it on the console you're not going to hit it with streaming. Flight Sim also isn't available on Cloud yet.

CaptainHenry91655d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Wait are you saying Flight Simulator can't hit 1080P/60fps on the Series S constantly 🤔 when I talked about this a few months ago they said I was trolling. I just stated facts

Father__Merrin55d ago

It's simply not smoothngameplay apart from simpler titles. Although I'd want to try it over ethernet

slowgamer55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Yeah they should get more rpg games in cloud. I mean like classic final fantasy games and such would make more sense than just trying to play shooter games with lag and touch controls. Yakuza like a dragon works pretty well on phone.

Fishy Fingers55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

No sure how "simpler titles" makes any difference, its the same bandwidth/data (res and frame rate) whether youre playing pong or Doom Eternal

Lightning7755d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I think he's on to something tbh. The bandwidth and data streaming will be tremendous to stream on old consoles. I'm Not saying MS can't do it, I'm just saying they probably gonna raise the price of GPU. All that data and back end work being beamed to the console at no extra charge?

They'll probably test with smaller games first then go on the the bigger games.

But think about it. Streaming Starfield and E6 or Avowed at a very generous 1080p 60 fps with out downloading it, buying a new console all for 15 bucks? That price is going up MS isn't a charity. They're doing ALLOT on their end plus it's not cheap..... At all....

Extermin8or3_55d ago

It's more about the input lag which for many there is no real solution to unless they move house so they are living closer to the servers.

Class_Viceroy55d ago

Not necessarily true. I played Destiny 2 and Outriders on wifi on my tablet. While not ideal, it's 100% playable even in multiplayer. The only game I've run into true issues playing on streaming has been MLB The Show. It's almost unplayable playing streaming because you'll always swing late because of the latency, even offline.

If you're streaming on your console hardwired with ethernet it should be a pretty enjoyable experience no matter what you play. As long as you have a decent ISP.

Lightning7755d ago

Right, I agree what I'm saying is Playing new gen games on old console and how much resources it's taking on MS end is too good to be true all At 1080p 60. Most importantly that's not cheap at all, Streaming all that data and bandwidth with a huge game like Starfield on a 2013 Xbox is amazing. I'm saying GPU price could go up because of the back end of what MS is doing, what they're providing for its gamers. That's not cheap that's allot of memory and bandwidth being streamed to an old console.

Extermin8or3_55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Totally incomparable. Your WiFi will be int he same house as you. It doesn't matter if you have gigabit Internet if you live too far from is exchange or the xbox azure ser uts all todo with distance and the speed of light.

Lightning7755d ago

Basically you'll be able to stream your games on console. No downloading or waiting.

And you get to stream current gen games on old systems, Fable, Avowed, Perfect Dark etc will be streamable on the old 2013 console.

This works for all the current and last gen Xbox consoles.

Tedakin55d ago

You can play next gen only titles on an Xbox One through cloud streaming.

badz14955d ago

lost why? first MS just didn't want you to go out and buy the new Xbox Series because you can just play their games on PC with free xbl, now they are extending that offer to last gen xbone owners to not go out and but the new Series consoles because you can just stream those games on them too if you want. MS keeps saving peoples money! good guy MS!

NeoGamer23254d ago

MS is making it easier to play your games on the device you prefer to play those games. They have native versions for PC and XB Series but if you want to play the game on other systems as well.

I don't see why people think that consoles are "must own" devices. That is like saying to buy a Toyota you have to own a Prius.

While Sony is saying you have to own a PS5 to play Sony games and Nintendo is saying you have to own a Switch to play Nintendo games, MS is saying the best experience is on XB Series and PC games, but you can also play our games on other devices until you are willing and able to invest. That is just smart business and a good win for consumers that don't want an XB, can't afford one, or can't get their hands on one. They are making the place where they make their money (Game sales, subscriptions, and services) more easily available to more gamers.

badz14954d ago

I'm LITERALLY praising MS here and still get disagreed with? I've been playing MS xbox games on PC since the first Gears and just recently bought Forza 7 before it being pulled out and FH3 before it. can't a guy be thankful to MS that he doesn't have to buy any xbox to play their games?

Tacoboto55d ago

Aka "How the Series S gets Ray Tracing".
*shoots dirty look at Doom Eternal and The Medium*

I'll definitely use this for smaller single-player games, probably mostly BC titles. Only 1080p and no HDR kinda kills the dream of having a Series S that thinks it's an X.