Get Up Close With PlayStation 5's Custom AMD SoC In These High-Res Die Shots

The PlayStation 5 has been out for quite some time now (enough time for their to be a slight PS5 revision), having technically landed on store shelves last November. Actually buying one from a first-party seller takes a giant stroke of luck and excellent timing. Fortunately for geeks like us, photographer Fritzchens Fritz managed to do so (or maybe took a different path—more on that in a moment), and has posted several high resolution die shots of the Oberon system-on-chip (SoC) powering the PS5.

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StoneyYoshi61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Interesting to see.

"There is a clear indication of AMD's Infinity Fabric, which connects the entire chip, and L2 cache. The GDDR6X memory controller and PHY (physical layer) interface can be seen on the edge of the SoC, which is where the data enters and exits the processor. Looking closely, you can see the L3 cache there as well."

"Full RDNA2 GPU and Server Grade CPU" in the XSX seems to be missing this.

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darkrider61d ago

How many fake news were made about the PS5 hardware. Lets see. RDNA 1.5 for months, zero RT, zero ML, no infinity fabric... In the end, all lies to try and downplay how amazing is this 399 next gen console.

Darkborn61d ago

Literally the CEO of AMD tweeted that the Ps5 has a custom version of full RDNA 2 and the xbots still said she was lying.

Father__Merrin61d ago

They listen to Phil Spencer instead he is idolised as some kind of prophet

1nsomniac60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

That’s where it all stemmed from, it was AMD themselves that publicly stated the Series had “full fat” RDNA 2 and PS5 was NOT RDNA 2. Their presentation slides also confirmed it was a modified RDNA 1.5. Which was provided during their live conference published online with their stake holders and journalists at the event.

I watched the event myself so I can confirm it was legit. However what happened after that I don't know but I can guess Sony wasn’t too happy with them and things changed.

IRetrouk60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

1somniac, that was ms, not amd.
Not one company involved has said ps5 is rdna 1.5, also the whole rdna1.5 is made up garbage, there is no such thing, they both use customised rdna 2 based apus, the silliness needs to stop.
Amd and sony have both said repeatedly its an rdna2 card.

babadivad61d ago

The Xbox does have L3 cache. What are you talking about? If we are being technical, the CPU in the Xbox is more full-featured than the PS5.

Neither system has infinity cache.

OptimusDK60d ago

So plase show me where exactly in the linked article does it state that there is infinity fabric on ps5.
It has been debunked. Tomshardware article where they state:

indication of AMD's Infinity Fabric is no bullet here.
AMD has also stated otherwise bufore they where silenced.

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babadivad60d ago

Infinity Fabric is what AMD uses to connect their CPUs since the launch of the first Zen processors. Literally everything they have launched since uses Infinity Fabric as an interconnect.

I think people are confused seeing the Infinity Fabric and thinking it shows Infinity Cache. These are two completely different things.

Both the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 uses Infinity Fabric to connect the disparate components on the SoC.

Both consoles use Infinity Fabric, neither console uses Infinity Cache.

This article tells us nothing we didn't already know. I'll admit it's cool seeing it in such high detail but we did have actual physical die shots of the PS5 months ago.

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IRetrouk61d ago

Damn, I guess those insiders that got discredited about this earned their apologies.

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babadivad61d ago

I'm confused, what do they need to apologize for?

IRetrouk60d ago

Well a few of the "insiders" said the ps5s cpu was set up more like a zen 3 card than zen 2, the original shots seemed to show no l3 cache, but its there and they were right.

IRetrouk60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

* unified l3 cache.
*Seem to be right

babadivad60d ago (Edited 60d ago )


It has L3 cache but it's in two 4mb clusters like the Xbox.

The 2x 4MB chuncks are connected via the infinity fabric on both consoles.

IRetrouk60d ago

According to nx there is a unified l3 cache on the chip, he says he needs to do more digging, shits confusing lol

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MrSec8461d ago

RDNA2, with AMD/Sony Collaborative additions or replacements to better suite Sony's needs was exactly what Mark Cerny and AMD have been saying from the moment Sony did their hardware deep dive last year.

babadivad60d ago

This is talking about the CPU not the GPU...

anast61d ago

The SX is looking like an expensive paper weight. Don't worry they bought Bethesda...

Orchard61d ago

What’s this article got to do with Xbox? This is the PS5 SoC, not Xbox.

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