XEL is a Zelda-Like Adventure Exploring PS5 in 2022

XEL is being developed by Hamburg-based Tiny Roar, and it's coming to consoles and PC sometime in 2022.

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Godmars29061d ago

Looks like an indie game made with Unity.

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Rebel_Scum61d ago

Hookshot huh....couldn't think of your own mechanics and level design?

annoyedgamer61d ago

This looks like a school project...

instantstupor61d ago

Wearing their influences not just on their sleeves, but in flashing lights. Xel (obviously pronounced Zel) is a bit too on the nose. Wonder if they'll have a sidekick named Daah. Xel + Daah on their journey to defeat Ghan and his minion Nahn :-p.

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