10° talks about: Dead Space, Expanded Universe

Dofuss says: "Dead Space has been designed as more than a game. A comic series and a feature length animation have been release to expand the universe.

The comics are relatively successful. It has more freedom than the movie as it plays out the initial finding of the 'Marker' and the panic that occurs on the planet. It gives some nice insight and expands on elements of the story not hinted at in the game."

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ShinFuYux3627d ago

When the main character cursed, it was funny.

The movie gave more detail information about the religion and the effects the market had on the people.

The guy is being stupid because they curse too much in the movie.

rogimusprime3627d ago

more like an internal dialogue than anything else.

The game was so good, I was scared to play it at some points. (56inch DLP)

The movie was OK, but not as good as the comics.