Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 60FPS boost on Xbox Series X|S & PS5

Ubisoft announced the Title Update 1.6.0 for Assassin's Creed Odyssey will be deployed on Xbox One and PlayStation 4: August 24, 2021 at 8am CEST, 2 AM ET, 4 PM AEST, and 11 PM PDT (Aug 23). This update allows for 60 FPS gameplay on Xbox Series and PS5 consoles via backwards compatibility.

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Muigi532d ago

This was better than Valhalla imo now Origins next Ubi.

Aloymetal532d ago

Hell yeah, I plat'd both and after I finished with Valhalla I went back to Odyssey and it felt so good, the amount of stuff you can do is incredible. Sailing/combat etc. Valhalla felt monotonous.
60fps on PS5 gonna be sweet, can't wait!

Silly Mammo532d ago

I played the hell out of Odyssey. Cleared the entire map and every island. Vahalla was a chore. And barely just finished the main storyline.

toddbrown531d ago

I too was drawn to Odyssey after Valhalla

Dirtnapstor532d ago

Odyssey was/is awesome. Glad they updated it. Love to see Origins get a boost as well!

Yui_Suzumiya532d ago

Valhalla and Syndicate are the only good AC games though

Eviltattoo 532d ago

I agree. Odyssey is a lot better than Valhalla in my opinion. Valhalla almost feels like a step backwards.

philm87531d ago

I'm exactly the opposite, loved Valhalla.

asapas8531d ago

Just seeing Valhalla's scenery you are bored

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autobotdan532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Thus is nice for Xbox Series X because AC Odyssey already plays in near full 4k resolution. Higher resolution than the PS4 Pro version.

JEECE532d ago

So you mean the resolution limitations of backwards compatibility on the new consoles that apply to all old titles also apply to this title? I wouldn't have suspected this, so I'm glad you pointed it out.

autobotdan532d ago

Ubisoft did not do a Shadow of the Tomb Raider RESOLUTION INCREASE update for AC Odyssey. They only updated the 30fps to 60fps. So the older Xbox One X and PS4 Pro resolutions remain the same. Xbox Series X is the BEST way to go for Odyssey

TheDoomedGuy532d ago the continuous push to play older titles on next gen hardware.

60fps steady is the winning factor here...nothing more. But even's an older game. It shouldn't sell anyone on the Xbox... Even though running older titles sometimes slightly better is all it has going for it.

StoneyYoshi532d ago

Oh look! someone who has to state the obvious on a 3 year BC game for no apparent reason other than... well... you know.

Babadook7532d ago

At least the PS5 version will be locked 60.

531d ago
Babadook7531d ago

Lol. Yah right. Less than 60 is kinda like pooping and peeing your pants.

Mr Logic532d ago

Actually the game uses dynamic res, One X is stronger than PS4 Pro so it ran at a higher res. Let's wait and see how it performs on the new systems shall we?

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autobotdan532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

These specs were the last gen consoles. Now 60fps applies to the current consoles.

StoneyYoshi532d ago

Meanwhile, Valhalla is identical on both next gen systems and PS5 came out on top with better performance. Its not like the PS5 cant run Odyssey at that higher resolution which is clearly what you are trying to imply here.

autobotdan532d ago

The only thing I am clearly trying to imply is AC Odyssey runs vastly superior on Xbox Series X. Meanwhile AC Odyssey is SUPERIOR game to Vahalla. Odyssey is a better experience than Valhalla

StoneyYoshi532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

"Meanwhile AC Odyssey is SUPERIOR game to Vahalla. Odyssey is a better experience than Valhalla"

Your opinion on a game doesn't dismiss my fact from being correct at all. Stating the obvious with a BC game being "SuPERi0r" just makes you look like a fanboy. We get it, the XOX version was better than the PS4Pro version.

autobotdan532d ago

Stoney you came in here insulting me first. Well I'm done with you

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autobotdan532d ago

I'm just a huge Odyssey fan. I got it for my Xbox One X 3 years ago. I was blown away from the Xbox One X high resolutions. Now it plays 60 fps-its a good dream

GhostofHorizon532d ago

You were blown away by the resolution? Who even says that?

Mr Logic532d ago

Blown away by 1728p, that's impressive. 64% of 4K. How impressive.

autobotdan532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Mr Logic 1728p resolution was impressive three years ago on PAST GEN CONSOLE. 1728p is not impressive on current 2021 consoles. I can assure you than Odyssey does not play at 1728 on xbox series X. It runs at a much higher locked 2160p resolution on the current gen xbox series x since it was a variable unlocked resolution. Xbox One X is a older gen console. The Playstation 5 backwards compatible AC Odyssey is locked at 1584p max resolution even lower than that 1728p resolution I was playing 3 years ago on the older xbox

TheDoomedGuy532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

I a shame that Microsoft has decided to trash the one x even though it can run any games the same as the series s.

I was about to buy it when they said nope. Even though it's on par with the series s we will not release fable, perfect dark, etc on it simply because we would rather you buy the series s...the super weak console compared to the series x but that will be able to play all future games because we said so and screw the one x

And I wonder what resolution the series s runs this game at....hmmm

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StoneyYoshi532d ago

"Stoney you came in here insulting me first. Well I'm done with you"

I said "it makes you LOOK like a fanboy" How is that a insult? Whatever, take it how you want... I don't need to explain myself anymore than I already have.

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thesoftware730532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

I'm starting to see a trend here, whenever a Bc Xbox game is better than the PS Bc version, the go to comment is now..."Why you pointing out the obvious?" .

So we acknowledge Bc games are a thing, we will be dealing with them for a while. That would mean that Xbox is better at it, so naturally its a feather in the Xbox's cap.

The sum of a system is more than just one thing, you cant cherry pick and say...Oh PS games load 5-7 seconds faster than Xbox games as a big plus for PS and then dismiss other things like Bc games running better on the SX, no matter the reason, there is always a reason for any given situation, be it negative or positive.

Lets not downplay that the SX in-FACT runs Bc games better and then turn around and play up something like seconds of loading times or 4k dashboards, which are both feathers in Sony's cap. If you have a multiplat game on both systems Bc or not, and it plays better on one system, that is just the fact of it, why cant people talk about it?..if MS had a weaker Bc solution and Sony had a better one, would some of you be singing the same tune?

BehindTheRows532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

I’m also seeing a trend - whenever we hear of better PS5 versions, folks like autobotdan are ghosts, but if the Xbox receives the arbitrary “win”, they flock here like little girls to a theatre playing Frozen. Lest we forget it was him who had to point out a One X “win” over the Pro (a machine it SHOULD outperform)? If there was any heat, it began with that post. One can only speculate on why you would ignore that, though.

In any event, the two systems are as close to each other as has ever been and that matters far more than petty squabbles about who had a slightly better version of a game (which EACH will continue to receive as time goes on).

thesoftware730532d ago

@Behind, you miss the point man. People are gonna talk about a game being better or worst on any given day, system or game.

What I am saying is, If a game or a feature is better on any given system, "Well why state the obvious" is downplay and weak argument, Its just better on that given system.

GhostofHorizon532d ago

Here's the thing, none of this matters to majority of gamers, you think your average games is going to notice that a game runs at a slightly higher resolution or that it loads few seconds quicker?

This is all in support of a ridiculous console war that fanboys can argue over and act entitled over. Most people won't notice a 10 frame dip at 120 FPS or a 5 second load time difference and if that is a real problem for you, then I feel sorry for you.

People constantly talk about Assassin's Creed as if it's one of the worst series out there right now but when it comes to articles like this, suddenly everyone loves them. Let's talk about how to game could feasibly improve and not about thigs that don't actually matter to anyone other than fanboys.

StoneyYoshi532d ago

Weren't you just downplaying the disappointing FACT a day ago that Halo is launching without co-op campaign and forge after already having a year delay?

"Who gives a shit?
I cant wait to play this, I'm hoping the campaign is great. That is what matters most, I'm not sure what the uproar is all about, no co-op and forge at launch? but we know its coming, its far from the only game that adds things after launch, what if the campaign is super good? will that be bad and still such a big deal? We already know the multiplayer is fun and free."

Don't get me wrong, I play games from all platforms and I'm excited as hell to play Halo Infinite and its MP as well... but lets not downplay the fact that its disappointing that a game which has already had a year long delay that was claimed to be "feature complete" by some insiders is now NOT launching in a 100% complete state.

thesoftware730532d ago

@ Stoney
See, this is what I am talking about. I see no relevance in what you quoted me on.

You are talking about me not minding the game not having CO-OP AT LAUNCH, AS LONG AS THE CAMPAIGN IS GOOD. Pay attention my man, that means if the campaign sucks not even co-op will matter, I played Halo by myself all the time, then with friends, then later my son, Hence why I said "we know it's coming" I personally don't find it a big deal. I even have another post in that same article stating I am da bit disappointed because I would have like to play it with my son day one" why didn't you quote that? Cause it don't fit your narrative?

Once again, the relevance to what I said in either post is completely off and don't go hand in hand to your agenda. Fact is, Halo is not a multiplatform game and anything I say about it only applies to Xbox and Halo, not your fueled need for fanboy wars.

Second, I asked a question and a hope in that quote, no downplaying, no up, just being hopeful and real in the fact that if the campaign is good would it be such a big deal? I still stand by my opinion that if the campaign is awesome I can live without co-op(until they add it) or forge, I don't even use forge.

I get it tho,"who give a shit?" threw you off, but to me it was just and expression...If the campaign is good then that is what mattered to me..expression must of made you think I was up playing or fanboy warring with you.

BehindTheRows532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

I didn’t miss anything. You made an attempt to point fingers in one direction when ALL sides do what you accused some of doing. There’s no new ‘trend’ or what have you. Just fans doing what fans have always done.

thesoftware730532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Again, no.

I am mainly talking about the "why point out the obvious?" That is floating around..I never once said people wont argue or try to make their point. As a matter of fact, I said..people will I pointed out the trend of the " Why point out the obvious ?" Very specific..there is no direction or finger pointing, just the quote.

Once again, you missed attention man.

Popsicle532d ago

Could not have said it better.

BehindTheRows532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Er, again, you were talking about a SPECIFIC person while making a GENERAL claim. “Why point out the obvious”. Provide me with more examples than just the one we have here. Who else said this? When? Where?

Otherwise, there’s a mountain where a molehill used to be. Fans of all sides say things. You highlighted one, I another.

thesoftware730532d ago

Go look through the Psychonauts 2 loads faster on SX post..that is the entire narrative in that article..I would say at least 1/2 the comments were "Why point out the obvious ".

I understood why it runs better on SX, there is 100% a reason, but it dont change the fact the it DOES run better on SX, very similar to this article.

Go look, as I wont go back and copy and paste a bunch of much effort.

But I do agree that fanboy wars will always be a part of gaming, I'm just pointing out obvious facts, I even mention facts about PS as I own all 3 major systems and play them weekly. Plain and simple, if a game runs better on one system and it is proven to do so..its finite in that sense, dont matter why to me as I am the consumer and player looking for the best experience with something, weather that is on PS, XBoX and boy do I love my Switch.


BehindTheRows532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Issue is a game running better is something that can be dissected. Otherwise, the SX would run every game better than the PS5. Since it does not, stuff like this exists.

Besides, just because someone says ‘why point out the obvious’ doesn’t mean they are a “fanboy” (a silly, overused term in and of itself). Plus, if we’re going to come after one side for an instance of zealousness, we need to do it all around or it isn’t worth the effort to bring it up. It then lacks consistency, which is precisely what’s being barked about here.

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Mr Logic532d ago

Glad people will experience my GOTY the way it is meant to be played.

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