PS5 dominates boxed charts led by Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut | UK Charts

PlayStation 5 exclusives dominated the UK boxed charts this week, taking the first, second and third spot.

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Nyxus63d ago

Nice, I'll pick up Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut at some point as well, since I missed it on PS4.

Jin_Sakai63d ago

But all those 0/10 user scores review bombing the game on Metacritic. Looks like they didn’t do anything just like when they pulled the same thing with The Last of Us: Part 2.

Metacritic should make you sign into your platform account and have at least one trophy/achievement to post a user review.

-Foxtrot62d ago

To be fair going off the Reddit it seems most of those scores are from those p***** off about the price and TLOU2 fans who just want to hate on the game as some sort of “revenge”

Also metacritic did do something with the TLOU2, they removed scores. They probably won’t do the same here

Darkborn62d ago

Plenty of other 0/10 demons souls and ratchet and clank rift apart reviews too. 0/10 shouldn't even be a score, it would have to be a scam game or entirely unplayable and even the latter idk about a 0.

62d ago
Levii_9262d ago

The Last of us 2 we all understand why that happened but why Ghost ?? It's one of the most adored and best video games of all time..

LucasRuinedChildhood62d ago


"TLOU2 fans who just want to hate on the game as some sort of “revenge”"

I think you're projecting a bit there, Foxtrot.

There's no mention of TLOU2 in any of the reviews at all. Wtf?

Vizigoth0462d ago

I wound agree. I’d almost go a step further and upload the end game trophy. And really this should be the same on both sides of the fence for example Halo Infinite / Psychonaughts 2 / The Ascent. At least by then you can post an honest review.

dbcoops62d ago

That's why I dont trust user reviews at all, many are dupe accounts and reviews going up way too early before anyone actually had a chance to really play the game.

Petebloodyonion62d ago

The only reviews I thrust are from Steam since you need to own the game to have the right to publish a review.
The number of hours logged in the game is also displayed.
Also Steam keeps track of momentum shift in reviews to prevent or warn ppl about potential review bombing that in no way or shape reflect the state of the game.

S2Killinit62d ago

Foxtrot was one of the ones who hated on TLOU2 I believe. Thats why he is bringing it up here.

Silly gameAr62d ago


No surprise there. When it comes to childish stuff, it seems like gamers excel at that silliness.

CaptainHenry91662d ago (Edited 62d ago )


Did you like TLOU2? I didn't really like it. I would have gave it a 7 or 8 not a 9 or 10. I gave the first game a 9 though

Redemption-6462d ago


TLOU Part 2 really hurt you a lot didn't it? We get it, you hate the game, and am honestly not surprised you would be making up these lies.

Ninver61d ago

That's too much work for those bums. It would mean they actually care.

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Nakiro62d ago

Played through the main story on the weekend, what a fantastic game. One of the best games I ever played, they could have cut so many corners but you can really tell they worked hard on just about everything in this game.

They could have cut so many corners but they really leaned in and gave you everything you would want in a game like this.

Bathyj62d ago

Watch the bonus content. Talk about showing the love for the source material.

talocaca62d ago

I complained about the $70 price tag but I bought it and I'm loving the Iki Island Expansion 😒

(I did sell my PS4 copy for around $50, so I guess I paid a fair price)

Knushwood Butt62d ago

Debating whether to sell my PS4 copy and buy the PS5 disc, or just upgrade.

Bathyj62d ago

Do whatever makes you feel right with it. Just play it.

BlaqMagiq162d ago

I sold my special edition PS4 version on ebay for $65 and put it towards the physical PS5 version. No shame whatsoever. Do it to have everything on disc.

chicken_in_the_corn62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I'm going physical

darkrider62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

The game is even better on the ps5. Sony games are just on fire this summer

Aloymetal62d ago

Sony’s 1st party games are on another level , they always have and always be👍🏻

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