PSP homebrew - X-Moto-PSP v0.1

X-Moto-PSP runs, yes, but it does have some issues:

* It is very slow. I did not have the time to profile the game yet, so I don't know why, but I fear it might be because of the physical engine, so it might be difficult to optimize.
* There is no sound. Since it is not a big downside for this game, I did not investigate on this yet.
* No menus: currently, the menus are crashing the game on the PSP, and anyway there are too big for a 480x272 resolution. So the game is launched directly with the level you choose (like --level X on the PC).
* No network support: you won't be able to download new levels and upload your high scores...
* Hardcoded controls: you cannot change the buttons configuration for now.

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