First Mods For GTA IV Already Out

Just a few days after GTA 4 has been released for the PC, modders have quickly begun their work on fun stuff for it.

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IllusionRSN3599d ago

Mods always start out small, as modders get used to the game and how to mod it. They aren't going to release new cities within a week lol.

Cherchez La Ghost3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

What I've seen PC do for gaming, I think PC's are better for games than consoles. You can always upgrade your PC the way you like. And I cannot forget modding for games. MS should do that for the next console. I envy PC gamers, lol.

IllusionRSN3599d ago

Mod able games increases the longevity of the games. I love PC Gaming more than console.

Bathyj3598d ago

I wanted PS3 mods from the beginning.

It might have saved the game from mediocrity.

But alas, no dice.

IllusionRSN3598d ago

You mean DLC or something else? Not sure how you would mod it?

Bathyj3598d ago

Exactly like UT3. Cooked PC Mods.