Digital Chumps: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Review

Digital Chumps: "Of course, no high definition remake can be complete without completely overhauled visuals. Capcom commissions the artists of Udon to redesign all of the characters and stages. Some may be leery about the new character designs, but most of those people probably have hairy shins like Zangief and are still upset about it. I'll make no bones about it: this game is gorgeous. The sprites and backgrounds are lively and colorful. The game looks almost like the pages of high budget, glossy-paged comic book. To put it quite simply, HD Remix looks better than it should and you should feel guilty for looking at it. The original sound effects are intact for the most part, and the remixed music captures the feel of the original. As a reminder, do not expect the animations to be silky smooth, as no new animation frames were added to preserve the integrity of the gameplay."

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