Wanted: Weapons of Fate Interview

A few weeks ago Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment gave us the opportunity to interview Dave Matthews about F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin and Pete Wanat about Wanted: Weapons of Fate. Because of the fact that we were Pete Wanat's last interview of the day, we spent a whole hour instead of the standard ten minutes talking about the Wanted videogame and more.

"I would argue with you that unless you are seven, and playing Finding Nemo over and over again... Honestly, I don't think players want to see the same thing. I saw the f*cking movie, I spent ten dollars on it, why would I want that same experience again? Show me something else, show me some other story in this wonderful universe, but don't give me the same experience from the film, I don't want that experience! I want something new. You know, as soon as your f*cking balls drop you want something a little more hardy from your content. I think you want to see a prequel, sequel or side story then, instead of the same experience. And that's what we've done with all those games I just listed that I did with Universal over the years. All those games do that."

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NOTORIOUSzeke3600d ago

I really wish the game was based on the comic not the movie...the movie butchered the the comic, man...