Crysis Remastered Trilogy Gets New Trailer Comparing PS5 Graphics Against PS3

With the Crysis Remastered Trilogy coming soon, Crytek is showcasing its shiny new graphics against the older versions.

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masterfox267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

those aren't native PS5 graphics, this game is just a port, it looks nice thou.

Neonridr266d ago

the framerate alone is what does it for me. Looks nice and smooth (on the PS5)

UltraNova266d ago

Nice upgrade overall.

I think it's about time Crytek rebooted the franchise . Hell, I'd be interested in a Crysis BR while they are at it (the Nanosuit abilities make sense in that setting).

Neonridr266d ago

@Shuckylad - I'm going to guess only 60fps. Even with how old Crysis is, it still pushes some systems.

bouzebbal266d ago

PS3 was a different beast.. my favorite ps console

Computersaysno265d ago

It's basically the PC version from eight years ago.

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RaidenBlack267d ago

Crysis 3 still looks better than many modern AAA games.

LordoftheCritics267d ago

Crysis 3 has survived 3 gens. Its been next genning for a while.

Father__Merrin266d ago

Crysis 3 does indeed excellent the art and scope were breathtaking but other things on the game show its age

BehindTheRows266d ago

Eh, not most, but a chunk. It’s still soundly beaten by plenty!

VariantAEC265d ago

I like the Crysis franchise and own all the games on Disc (which was a mistake because PC is a •••• gaming platform and to play without cracks I have to pay again).

Regardless the idea that Crysis 1, 2 and/or 3 are still better looking than even a good chunk of current gen games is objectively deluded.
First way back on PS3 there were better looking games like Uncharted 2, Killzone 3, Ratchet and Clank: In to The Nexus, Beyond: Two Souls and GT5 (GT6 was an odd sidestep).
Then we had games on PS4 like Driveclub and really that is still right up there with the best looking games ever made (despite being fixed to 1080p30, having poor IQ due to odd AA implementations and of course the triangle counts of car models being far superceded by games like GT Sport which launched a couple years later) there are still no games that push the sense of being in a real space without being in VR that I've ever seen or heard of or played myself and I've played some pretty impressive games since including MSFS 2020 (of course on PC).

No game aside from Driveclub pushes fine details so far. Name me a single other title that deploys refraction of glass and plastic or mirages and atmospheric effects like dynamic rainbow generation in the rain or uses volumetric clouds never mind doing all of that all at once with a good enough SSR implementation that gave us a sneak peek at what HW accelerated RT would look like years before RT was even available on PC.

Seriously no game looks as real as Driveclub and this game launched early in PS4's lifecycle.

Ok though I mean you can hold the opinion that Crysis 1, 2 and/or 3 was better looking... you're just objectively wrong! :P

(I'm being sort of facetious, but not as much as I had hoped considering quite literally no other games I can think of aside from OnRush and Dirt 5 might try to push those tiny details so hard. And those two games were also made by some of the same people who made Driveclub. Even so those games also fall short visually... So my personal opinion here is based maybe too much on objective facts and ultimately if PC can run Driveclub - and todays decent gaming PCs certainly could - why don't we see basically any games especially on PC pushing those kinds of visual effects still? Does the rarity of Driveclub's visual effects make it next gen still despite it's roots as a console exclusive?)

RaidenBlack265d ago

"you're just objectively wrong!"
Says the man comparing a racing game to a pseudo-open world FPS.
Developers can push more details into a racing game because the car movement and camera movement is very limited/restricted. So the game engine can render more at a time for every frame. The world outside the tracks are compromised because they're seldom in focus. They carry less detail as compared to the immediate scripted track and the car model. Hence computational resource is allocated accordingly. And as a result racing games always look the best in given generation. Just look at GT on PS2.
Whereas in other non-sports games, Much more needs to rendered at a time due to free flow traversal and camera movement. It depends how much is to be rendered for the view of the player, how much is the player allowed to see and explore. Technical limitations.
Similaryl, within a genre, games like starcraft 2 is easier to run than Total War games because the engines have to render more in Total War as due to the huge scope of the battlefields the player can freely interact with.
Hence you'll see that the photorealistic car models in PS2/PS3 racing games, which you/we were blown away bye when as a kid, can now be included as a set dressing in current gen video games.
Hence, people were wowed by Horizon 5 at E3. Because it looks good and is also open world. So no restricted race course. Only God knows how downscaled the Xbox One version'll be.

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darksky266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Why do the atmospheric effects like fog and smoke look better on PS3. A cleaer looking PS5 version does not as good.

thorstein265d ago

It's youtube so it will be compressed. Make sure you changed the settings for resolution. I put it up to 4k and it looks spectacular.

VariantAEC265d ago

Uh... video compression doesn't remove fog effects if anything high compression (lower quality video made to save space) would make the entire image look much worse if heavy alpha effects were used liberally all over the screen.

TheExecutioner266d ago

I am missing PS3 gen.

Best PlayStation gen of all time.

TheExecutioner266d ago

From the way you replied I assume you are between 15 and 20 years old. This means, you knew the gaming in the third generation and most probably end of it, in addition, I believe you a Fortnite addicted ... no shame in that.

The 3d gen witnessed a true masterpiece of new IP titles, which define the gaming for the following years

- Uncharted
- Last of us
- Infamous
- Little Big Planet
- Resistance
- Demon Souls

The 3rd gen also allowed immersive online engagement experiences, such as call of duty, battlefield, GTA, and red dead redemption, so yes PS3 will remain the most iconic generation in PlayStation history.

BrettAwesome266d ago

Bruh bruh bro dude bro #yolo ok boomer bruh

FinalFantasyFanatic265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

I'd rather the PS2/PS4 gen over the PS3 gen, PS3 was where Sony faltered and floundered for a while before finding their feet again, and this is coming from a Playstation fan.

ScootaKuH265d ago

No? TheExecututioner is not allowed to have their own opinion? What makes your opinion count more than theirs bruh?

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Flawlessmic266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

As someone who has owned every playstation, ps3 is probably the weakest of the lot.

I wont lie the last of us was truly special, and easily one of the greatest games ever.

Mgs 4 and uncharted 2 for me were also right up there, but compared to playstations other consoles it was lacking.

Each to there own though, for me ps2 had the greatest release of games ever, i would stack it up againt nit just playstation but any console in history.

TheExecutioner265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Ok to make it more clear, PS2 has the biggest library if this is what matters to you.

PS3 is the gen where

1. Masterpiece games started
2. Home console online engagement started
3. Social started.
4. Online shopping started.
5. Cloud Storage
6. Playstation move

When I say PS3 is the best gen. because it defined what going to come in the following generations.

wwinterj266d ago

Personally I enjoyed the PS2 the most. Many of the PS2 games series are still getting sequels to this day. From the top of my head:

- God of War
- Kingdom Hearts
- Final Fantasy
- Yakuza
- Ratchet & Clank
- Devil May Cry
Sure not all these series are exclusive to the PS2 or even started on PS2 but that doesn't stop the console being not only a big leap for Sony hardware but the best PS console for me.

TheExecutioner265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Ok to make it more clear, PS2 has the biggest library if this is what matters to you.

PS3 is the gen where

1. Masterpiece games started
2. Home console online engagement started
3. Social started.
4. Online shopping started.
5. Cloud Storage
6. Playstation move

When I say PS3 is the best gen. because it defined what going to come in the following generations.

SickSinceSix266d ago

Yeah, the gen were microtransactions, cut content and launch now, patch later games became prevalent, best gen ever.

Still, the PS3 was pretty awesome over all but PS2, that was the best.
Back when you could unlock fighters in games by actually playing the game, games came complete on the disc, GTA: III to San Andreas, Burnout 3, Need for Speed: Underground and Most Wanted, Tekken 5, God of War and it's sequel etc

Good times

SickSinceSix265d ago


If you're going to make claims, at least know what you're talking about first.
No games were masterpieces before PS3?
Home console online engagement existed long before PS3
PlayStation move is a standout thing? It was trying to emulate the Wii controls
Social stuff was already on the Xbox right?
Idk man, sounds like you have no idea. Even PS2 had online multiplayer, several games came with a blue thing on the case that said so. The original Killzone was one of them

chicken_in_the_corn265d ago

I agree with you fully. I wish it went on longer. With all the remaster begging, it should have

hot4play265d ago

I got my PS3 fat a few months before the slim was released due to the initial high cost of the system. But booting up Uncharted Drake's Fortune for the first time was truly a breathtaking next gen experience. Other highlights for me include Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction, Resident Evil 5, MGS 4, GOW 3, TLOU, free PSN, and PS Move + Sports Champions.

It took a while before Sony found its mojo with the PS3 but they eventually delivered.

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Ozzy2407266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Looking good but why some many remastered games on next gen. Im more impressed that the Nintendo switch runs this really nice good video on digital foundry comparing switch to ps3

VariantAEC265d ago

There are a lot of shortcomings with Crysis 3 on Switch that DF glossed over

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