King's Bounty 2 Review - Royally Disappointing | Cultured Vultures

King's Bounty 2 has been long in the making, but it's unfortunately either been too long or not long enough.

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bloodyspasm62d ago

This was one I was keeping for "when it's on sale", but seems like I should be waiting for a sellout (-75% or more)

Hatchetforce61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

And this is the site you chose to believe? Review scores are scattered on the PC version and this one from cv is on the bottom. Have you had a look at some of their other reviews? Not exactly sailing on an even keel. Almost none of the dislike points are backed up by hard evidence. A lot of it is about some writers feelings. Pfffft. Eurogamer Italy, Dualshockers, and God is a Geek gave the Xbox version an 80, 85, and a 80 respectively. No PS4 reviews yet. Gamers Heroes gave the PC version a 90. I say be thorough but I sure wouldn't put my trust in a site that is so often wrong. And they use this large font to cover space versus that used by other sites. Their reviews aren't very thorough.

The same person that wrote the review wrote three different guides for the game on Combat, Management, and Morality. Yeah they wrote guides for a game they gave a 4 to.