Twelve Minutes Review - A One Room Plot With Less Fun Than Lockdown — ExBee

Callum says: “I have an empty feeling when it finished, and whilst I appreciate that not every game can take me out of reality, after a year of lockdown, the last thing I need is to be stuck in one room with an average at best experience.”

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ToddlerBrain62d ago

“I needed this game to make me feel like I was on LSD and it didn’t work so it’s not a good game.”

Whoever wrote this article should not review games. Like ever.

CrimsonWing6962d ago

Geezus that was actually a criticism of his? I’m not even bothering giving their site traffic, but yeesh… anybody can work in games media, apparently.

Orbilator62d ago

Yeah Kojima said he liked it, but what does he know lol )s

VivaChe62d ago

Some fair criticism, but a bit too low of a score in my opinion. Review is undermined by some pretty poor grammar as well.

medman62d ago

The reviews for this game are all over the seems many reviewers either really like it or really don't, very little in between. I will try it for myself, but based on the repetitive nature of the game, I have a feeling I would tend to not enjoy it, but I am keeping an open mind.