Over 7 Million People Signed Up to Epic Game Store to Nab GTA 5 for Free

Unsealed court documents reveal that over seven million people signed up for an Epic Games Store account to get Grand Theft Auto V for free.

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Terry_B54d ago

How many of them are banned accounts again already because they cheated?

54d ago
excaliburps54d ago

@Zeref Yep. I agree. Also, games now are way, way better. They respect your time more, and just better in overall quality.

On topic: Cheated in the game? GTA Online? Can you even get banned for cheating in GTAV? LOL!

TheColbertinator54d ago

Do people even get banned? Every month or so I log in and some guy spawns exploding cats everywhere.

bouzebbal53d ago

I never played this game and still not planning to.. GTA are definitely not for me

Eamon53d ago

GTA Online on PC is definitely full of modders. A few years ago a guy dropped like $100m in front of me and pretty much made the progressions system redundant. Now I own nightclubs, underground bases, sports cars, tanks and jets.

sourOG54d ago

Lol good point. All GTA numbers are nonsensical.

Zeref54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Not really on topic, but you gotta commend the gaming industry today, during my childhood free AAA games were unthinkable even if they were old, I was poor, it was a struggle to even get 1 new game a year to play. Free 2 play games were stickman games and runescape. Now there's free 2 play games that are better than a lot of paid AAA games and they are giving away older AAA games.
Then there's services like GamePass and PSNow.

TheColbertinator54d ago

You bring up a good point. F2P games back in the day were barely better than interactive screensavers

Riftrider54d ago

Pinball was my only game for a while

Furesis53d ago

I wouldn't commend most of it. A lot of these F2P games are doing more harm for the industry than good in my opinion. It's nice but at the same time it's also ruining it a bit. I feel in the past we appreciated games more compared to now where we jump from game to game and hardly remember them afterwards. It could be just because i was younger not sure. But i suspect overabundance of free games and F2P is a factor personally. Or maybe because most games just feel very similar these days.

Or i'm just getting old, been there done that type of a thing lol

Zeref53d ago

Hard to appreciate games when you can't buy them though lol

Knightofelemia54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I remember when GTA being free on Epic crashed the site I grabbed it for free been tempted to try out GTA for pc but I don't want to be trapped in a cage or randomly die out of now where.

SDuck53d ago

You don't. I grabbed it too and downloaded it last month and I was only killed by one dude and he wasn't cheating, he just had endgame shit

Army_of_Darkness54d ago

How does these 7 million people not have GTA5 yet?! That's the bigger question!

XbladeTeddy54d ago

I'm one, I used to have it back when it released on the Xbox 360, that was years ago though. I now have a gaming PC so thought I'd grab it as it's free so why not, not played it for years.

SDuck53d ago

Change Xbox360 with PS3 and this becomes my exact situation. Crazy how I grabbed that game day one back then and it's still going strong nowadays

Rachel_Alucard54d ago

The game was sold for $15 frequently on every sale for years prior. This is just a combo of chinese bots, people seeing free game, and account resellers, with a tiny percentage of non owners.

anast54d ago

I still don't have it. Is it worth playing?

SegaSaturn66953d ago

Yes. Great story, great voice acting. Multiple avenues to approach heists boosting replay value. All around very good game.

SeTTriP53d ago

It really is a 10/10 type of game.

Riftrider54d ago

I can say i did download it. I have had it on PS4 since the had my PS4. Never played on of though.

Furesis53d ago

i think a lot of people have played it but since it was free might as well grab it again. that's what i did

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I didn't need to, torrented it long ago for free, don't play that online so don't care about the multiplayer. If it was free on Steam or GOG I would get it. I don't support Epic Games Store and never will. 😁

Furesis53d ago

i don't think anyone cares about your illegal activities. if you pirate, you pirate but somehow you felt the need to tell us as if you did this great deed. like...ok, we get it, you're a scumbag.
Now i'm only answering because, well.. i saw dumb comment and i just couldn't resist 😁

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